Won Korean Dining @ Isetan Eat Paradise, One Utama

The day we first set foot into Tonkatsu was also the day we discovered that there are other Japanese and Korean eatery joints in Eat Paradise @ Isetan in One Utama. So, our returning visit back to Eat Paradise, we decided to try the Korean restaurant, Won Korean Dining.

The place is quite hidden inside Eat Paradise and it is no wonder that not many people knew of its existence as it is also not visible from the main area. We went on a weekday evening and we were the first batch for dinner and followed up by another 2 tables. It seems more like a weekend joint where it will most likely be packed.

Like any typical Korean restaurant, the tables are equiped with a table top grill.

Expect to pay a minimum of RM25 per person (meal and drink). For a Korean restaurant, that’s a pretty moderate price. Anyway, the restaurants in Eat Paradise are more atas one. Heh..

Ala carte menu starts from RM15 (Ramyeon), Soup and Rice from RM20 and BBQ meat starts from RM30 (pork onwards). Price for drinks are average for a restaurant. A cup of green tea is RM3 and it is refillable. There are also set menu ranging from RM68 a set for 2 persons and onwards. So, average is about RM40 per person.

Korean Ginseng Tea @ RM6 (non-refillable)

I find the Korean Ginseng Tea absurbly priced at RM6 because it is served in a small tea cup and it is non-refillable. *horrible face* Our bad for not asking when ordering. Heh.. Otherwise, would have opted for Green Tea which is RM3 and it is refillable. *scrooge*

Banchan (side dishes)

I enjoy Korean cuisine for various reasons. Among them are something like it’s healthy, spicy, balance of both meat and veggies, the REFILLABLE side dishes and many other reasons. Oh, not forgeting because I like watching Korean series too.

Kimchi was pretty good and we had it refilled numerous times. Hehehe..

Kimchi Jjigae @ RM22

I’m a soup person and I absolutely love Korean soup. The Kimchi Jjigae is spicy stew made with ripened Kimchi, pork and tofu. There are also other stuffs in it like leek and glass noodles. It is hot, slightly spicy and sour AND slightly watered down. I added kimchi into the soup to make it tastier. The other downside is the miserable small pieces of pork T______T The meat were all bits and pieces!

Samgyupsal Duruchigi Dupbab @ RM23

The Samgyupsal Duruchigi Dupbab is made of spicy stir-fried pork served with a bed of rice. It is much more decent than the Jjigae. Mix the meat and rice well together and ready to be eaten. This is worthwhile for a returning visit.

The total damage for 2 came up to RM33 per person including taxes.

Won Korean Dining
2nd Floor, Eat Paradise, Isetan 1 Utama
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

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