Wine & Dine @ Mediteca, Fraser Place, KL

Mediteca at Fraser Place is merely 5 minutes walk from KLCC. The restaurant specialises in Mediterranean and South European cuisine. Mediteca is no stranger to foodies who appreciate good food and wine as they offer wide varieties of tapas and wine.

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Just mention the name, Mediteca, and I will get “Ohh.. The restaurant with good looking chef/founder..” and “The yummy ham you must have and check out the chef!” Wow ladies.. Hold your ovaries. So, what about the food? Should be good too, right?

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Thanks to Evelyn for extending the dinner invitation. I get to sample the new menu at Mediteca and Chef’s specialties. Quite a feast to the eyes. I mean, the food was handsome. I mean it was #foodgasm. Ahh.. Nevermind! *sips drink*

Tapas with bubbly

Upon arrival, I was served with a glass of Prosecco – crisp and bubbly. A rewarding prize after braving through the traffic after work.

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Never start drinking with an empty stomach. We have a basket of fresh homemade bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to nibble while waiting for the first course.

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Tapas, Serano and a bottle of Sanfeletto Conegliano Prosecco

Truth to be told, I always had the impression that Mediteca is a place for a romantic dining atmosphere, where love birds will indulge in themselves, but I have mistaken. It doesn’t matter if its a meal for one or two, even better if you’re here in a group. That way you get to sample more dishes and share a bottle or two or more.

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Pan Con Tomate Y Serrano @ RM24

Pan Con Tomate Y Serrano means toasted bread topped with Serrano ham, chopped tomatoes and dehydrated tomato skin. Looking at it at first made me just want to pinch the ham and eat it on its own without the toast, but it is the toast that complements the ham well to go with the bubblies.

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Arancini @ RM12

 The Arancini comes in a pair of deep fried riceballs with mozzarella and ham. A mouthful of cheesy ham bomb! Take a bite of the ball and a sip of Prosecco and you will find how well it rolls in your mouth.

mediteca (5)
Croquette @ RM12

Petite Croquettes made with spinach, potato and garlic, topped sundried tomato paste. Delightful cheesy bite. It’s so veggie,  I feel guilt-free eating it.

mediteca (7)
Crostone @ RM22

Yet another bread based dish is this Crostone which comes in a block which looked like it came out fresh from the oven. A sneak peak of porchetta can be seen under the generous melted cheese.

mediteca (10)
Beetroot Salad @ RM26

Beautiful Beetroot Salad – baked beetroot, baby spinach, tomato, leek and sausage. These beetroots are specially imported from Australia. Baked in salt to rid the earthy taste. I’m not a fan of beetroot because it has really strong earthy taste but Mediteca just got my interest in liking their Beetroot Salad.

mediteca kl (3)

As we proceed to the first course, we switched to Chilean white wine, Santa Carolina Gran Vino Blanco. The wine has a pale golden yellow appearance and it shows intense tropical fruit, flowers and soft citrusy aromas and flavours. An ideal pair with salad, fish and seafood.

mediteca (17)
Pasta Fruitti di Mare @ RM36

Pasta Fruitti di Mare is a hearty “fregola” pasta baked with seafood and a tomato based “cartoccio” style. Fregola pasta looks and texture is similar to barley. It’s a seafoody affair in a bag. Delicious and fresh squid, clams, mussels and prawns makes it even more delectable.

mediteca kl (2)
Maccheroni @ RM26

This simple looking baked maccheroni smells so good! Name sounded like Macaroni and yes, it is macaroni and made similar to mac and cheese but more awesome. The Maccheroni consists of mac, cheese, walnut, breadcrumbs and parsley.

mediteca (16)
Risotto Milano @ RM 29

The Risotto Milano is so comforting and delicious! Perfectly done saffron risotto with seared pork sausages that keeps you scooping in as every bite is rich and cheesy.

mediteca kl (9)

When you start on red, you go red all the way. Here we have the 2012 Bodegas Carlos Serres Tempranillo Rioja Old Vines from Spain. Fruity and best paired with any kinds of red meat such as beef, lamb and even pork (even though it’s not red).

mediteca kl (7)
Moroccan @ RM68

The Moroccan consists of lamb rump served with stuffed capsicum. Something new.. My first time having capsicum stuffing and it was exquisite! The capsicum flavours sink into the stuffing and pairs well with the juicy and succulent lamb rump.

mediteca kl (4)
Seared Beef Entrecôte @ RM68

When the Seared Beef Entrecôte was served on our table, I couldn’t help but drooling over at the oozing goat cheese on the steak. Served with mashed pumpkin at the side, the steak was perfectly done – pinkish meat, juicy and succulent. Just want to suck all the meat juices and swirl with wine in your mouth. Divine.

mediteca kl (10)

At this point, we were all very full but there’s always room for desserts. Other than well fed with excellent food, desserts here are absolutely fantastic.

mediteca kl (19)
Apple Tart @ RM14

I normally don’t order Apple Tart for desserts as I find it very filling and usually have it for tea breaks. But I’m glad we had it for desserts and it is great for sharing basis. Apple, sable and cinnamon are well balanced and I love the tart shell (which is rare) for it’s buttery and rich texture.

mediteca kl (17)
Mile Foglie @ RM14

I don’t mind having the Mille Foglie all to myself. It’s like a tower of crispy sandwich with tropical fillings. Delicious lime custard and glazed pineapple with slices of grapes. Simply delicious and I love the delicate crispy mille foglie.

So for those of you who crave authentic Italian Mediterranean and of course some porky goodness then Mediteca is the place for you! Well, what more can I say? It’s one #flowersbloomfromears dining experience.

Happy hours promotion is from 5pm to 8pm. Kick your heels off and drown yourself with Mediteca’s Italian cocktails and enjoy a delicious spread of tapas and snacks from their counter with no additional charges! Every last Thursday of the month is Jazz Night at Mediteca.  There are drinks and wine promotions. So, stay tuned to the next post as I share my dining experience with Mediteca’s Gypsy Jazz & Wine Swirl with Douch Manouche.

Business Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 11.30am till late
Sunday: 5pm till late

Lot 163, Fraser Place
Jalan Perak
Kuala Lumpur
(5 minutes’ walk from KLCC)

GPS Coordinates: 3.154342, 101.708685

Tel: +603 2181 2426

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