Valentine’s Chocolate Pretzel Mocha @ Starbucks Coffee, Tokyo, Japan

Every time I travel in a new city or Country, I would check out their Starbucks. I don’t know, it’s like a collection thingy. Teehee.. On our first night in Tokyo, we visited Starbucks in Asakusa, Tokyo which was just a block from our hotel.

Starbucks @ Asakusa, Tokyo

Very strategically located. On our way back to hotel from the train station. I notice that Japanese enjoy people watching. They have seating facing out the huge glass window.

Noticed the Valentine’s series of drinks. Definitely want to try it out.

Their cakes are all so different from what our Starbucks have and if not because we were so full from dinner, we would have a few slices to try.

With cups of love. The Japanese Valentine’s Day series of Starbucks features pretzels in their mocha drinks.

They have very nice menu and it was so easy to make our order because it’s bilingual (Japanese & English).

Chocolate Heart Cookies

Cups with Love

They even have Lovey Dovey Starbucks merchandises just for this Valentine’s Day. The things they do just for this February Romance. It seems that Valentine’s Day is a BIG event in Japan.

A very very small Starbucks outlet but drinks are made with lotsa passion.

Valentine’s Chocolate Pretzel Mocha Grande @ ¥510 (approx. RM16)

Delicious Mocha topped with chocolate syrup and almond chocolate chip crushed pretzel. The whipped chocolate syrup tasted like ice cream! It’s not too sweet and tasted very delicate. Pretzel is slightly salty but blends well into the drink. Just so good omg……..whymalaysiatakde?

Starbucks Coffee 浅草駅前店
1 Chome-5-1 Hanakawado
Taitō, Tokyo 111-0033

GPS Coordinates: 35.711935, 139.797938


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