The Red Beanbag @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Brunch – A combination of 2 meals; Breakfast and Lunch.

Weekends are the only days I could settle my sleep debt and I usually wake up just in time for Brunch, because it’s too late for breakfast and yet too early for lunch. Teehee.. One of my favourite place for Brunch is Publika because

  1. near where I’m staying
  2. more than a handful of cafes under one roof
  3. you can find good coffee in most of these cafes
The Red Beanbag
The Red Beanbag @ Publika

One of the many cafes I usually patronize (whenever I feel really hungry and rich) is The Red Beanbag. Located right opposite The Social KL, at the Square.


And usually there will be a long long wait for table as the place is ALWAYS packed with hungry brunchers. However, surprisingly that one weekend, we didn’t have to wait for a table at all even though we arrived during their most peak hours. #whathappened


I love having coffee at The Red Beanbag as the texture, aroma and flavour is well maintained and pretty consistent at every visit. And their coffee art is always so neat and pretty – plus points.

Flat White

My all time favourite cuppa, Flat White. Flat white is similar to Latte, the only difference is the ratio of milk and espresso. I prefer flat white for stronger coffee :3 It has lesser milk and foam from latte. So, it is debatable by few baristas that flat white do not necessarily comes with coffee art due to the “lesser milk/foam” =/ #excuses *coughcough*


Whatever the reasons and/or excuses is, I love and PREFER a pretty sight of velvety cuppa. ANYWAY, you can tell whether it is a perfectly poured cuppa – coffee art usually stays in shape till the end. #justsaying


First impression is very important. I mean, let’s be realistic. When a cuppa is served to you looking shabby and what not, it is already registered in your brain that this cup of coffee is bad and vice versa. #typicalhumans #alwaysjajing


Hello and Good Morning!

Enough babbling about coffee…let’s check out the food here.

The Atlantic @ RM22

This is RBB recommended. House smoked salmon with salmon pearls, wilted Australian baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce served on fluffy French toasts.


This is simply delicious only complain is that the poached eggs were slightly over cooked, so not runny egg yolks to make a mess.

Croque Madame @ RM17

A must have here in RBB – Croque Madame (with egg) or Croque Monsieur (without egg). The madame has egg on top of the sandwich because it sort of signifies a lady hat.


Seriously a must have here. Fluffy grilled turkey ham and cheese sandwich, fully coated with generous amounts of mozzarella cheese and topped with a fried egg, served with a handful of greens.

You shall lick your screen now

Slightly runny egg yolk. It’s a pity the egg yolk is not runny enough. Otherwise, expect a mess but delicious and rich mess.

Here’s the menu for your reference. The two yummies we had were from “The Dark Side”. Heavy and rich.



redbeanbag menuredbeanbag menu2

It’s Sabtuday tomorrow. Anyone up for brunch?

The Red Beanbag
Block A4 1st Floor A4-1-08, Publika
Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 6211 5116

Business Hours
Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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