The Dishes of French Spring Cuisine

Spring is the time when the street markets bustle with life and energy. The farm life comes to life and the restaurants transits into new seasonal dishes. The dishes become more vibrant with fruits and vegetables.

French cuisine is relying strongly on seasonal foods. Winter dishes consist of heavy textures and rich flavours. Spring is the creative awakening. It brings lighter foods as it’s based on mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. What kind of dishes can you look forward to during this season?

Vegetable Recipes
Springtime is all about rich colours. Fresh vegetables bring a new quality to everyday meals and much needed vitamins to bring out the much-needed energy. An example of a great side dish is asparagus covered in tarragon cream sauce. Another light idea for a spring snack is an avocado and romaine salad or popular Salade Lyonnaise.

Fruit Recipes
Fruit in France is a common dessert during the spring and summer months. They’re fresh, light and healthy. They make a great addition to chocolate-based desserts, such as chocolate mousse with raspberry puree. Another great example is Apple Tarte Tatin and fruit sorbets.

Egg Recipes
Spring is the time when the egg produce increases significantly. It’s the perfect time for different kinds of quiches, tarts and crepes. These dishes can be also enhanced by vegetables or fruits. Popular dishes are Quiche Lorraine, Spinach and Onion Quiche, crepes with fruits and Spinach Soufflé.


Meat Recipes
The meat dishes get a seasonal upgrade with fresh vegetables and herbs. The first choice for main dishes, especially during Easter, is lamb. Other meat dishes include beef, pork and poultry with various mix of vegetables and light sauces. Popular dishes include lamb stew and roasted lamb leg with seasonal vegetables.
Spring is rich in all kinds of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. It’s time for creativity and composing colourful, light and healthy dishes. French seasonal cuisine is rich in all kinds of recipes and everyone can find something that will satisfy them.

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