Taiwanese Beef Noodles @ Restoran Taiwan Noodle House, SS2

I was on a breakfast hunt in SS2 because I have an appointment with the nail parlor nearby the area. I like having a hot bowl of soupy-noodle for breakfast. So, I was scouting for coffee shops. To my surprise, all the coffee shops in the area are closed. And it’s 9am already! How can??


Then, I spotted this Taiwan Noodle House which was the only “coffee shop” operating at that moment. Didn’t know what to expect, we just walked in to get our tummies filled.

Dang. I’ve been driving pass this place for so many times over the years and only now I walked in. Should have discovered this place earlier because I just found the yummiest beef noodle in town!!

They have a huge menu on the wall. Taiwan Noodle is not the only thing they sell here. They also have Curry Fish Head, Dai Chao and Western food, and they start serving this in the evening.


Taiwanese Beef Tendon Noodle @ RM11

So dem tokkong the soup and the tendons are so so so soft!!

Really worth your money. Only wish is that they have more beefy ingredients in it, like, beef brisket and beef tripe. If you’re no fan of tendons, you can try their usual beef noodle. When I ordered the tendons, I thought they would add in a few beef briskets or beef slice in it. Well, I got was just tendons. Also very heavenly because the tendons were perfectly cooked! So soft and just so well flavoured the soup.


If only the soup were spicier or that we could request it to be spicier would made it the best Taiwanese beef noodle in town already.


The noodles were flatter than the usual handmade noodles, and it’s springy. Giving it a good slurp as we eat it.


All is well and satisfying with the beef noodle. The only set back is the chili sauce. It doesn’t match the noodle and more suitable for Dai Lok Min (Hokkien Noodles). At least something like grated ginger and chili with vinegar could do the trick. hehe.. /justsaying


Nonetheless, I’m glad all the other coffee shops were closed at that moment and we get to discover this Taiwanese Beef Noodles. It’s so good, I ate till the last drop!

I’m coming back for more!!!

Restoran Taiwan Noodles House
No. 20, Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603 7877 2375

Opening Hours:
Monday 8.30am-4pm
Tuesday-Sunday: 8.30am- 10pm

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