SOULed Out 3rd Outlet @ Nexus Bangsar South, KL

SOULedOut Bangsar South 27Just claimed my big fat hug from SOULed Out‘s third outlet at the UOA Nexus building in Bangsar South. Although different from its other 2 SOULed Out outlets at Sri Hartamas and Jalan Ampang in the sense of outlet design, these outlets maintain the signature and comforting SO Lip Smacking Food with the presence of 4 kitchens; Western, Asian, Northern Indian and SO Pizza.

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SOULedOut Bangsar SouthSOULedOut Bangsar South (1)SOULed Out is a favourite hangout place for friends and family looking to sit back, relax while enjoying a good meal, drinks with great companions. The price is friendly to the purse/wallet. Not to mention, SOULed OUT outlets offer great food and drinks value at money while having a great time!

SOULedOut Bangsar South (4)Another highlight in any SOULed Out outlets is their Thirst Quenching Drinks with the highlights being cold, cold beers, signature cocktails such as Classic Mojito, Fruity Sangrias and Lychee Martini, wines, spirits, local flavoured coffee and juices.SOULedOut Bangsar South 38Look forward to have a drinking session with colleagues after work here as they have great happy hour promotions, B.M.W. – Beer, Mojito and Wine. Check out their wall.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 26Quite a collection for wine. Make your pick.

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Like the other SOULed OUT outlets, this outlet carries GAB beers and yes, beers on the tap! STRONGBOW FTW!

Truth to be told, I’m a cocktail person and I like my cocktails adequately taste with liquor and not tasting like a fruit juice with a hint of liquor. SOULed OUT cocktails are no doubt one of the best I’ve come so far and their cocktails are always made consistently.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 24SOULed OUT are serious about their Mojitos and there are 8 flavours to choose from. Among the many favourites are Classic Mojito (Happy Hour @ RM19 | Normal Price @ RM28), Lychee, Asam Boi and Mango.

MO-HEE-TOS (Mojito lah!)

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Lychee, Asam Boi & Mango Mojito @ RM28 each

Classic Mojito – sublime mix of rum, lime and mint leaves and served with a piece of sugarcane. I guess so you could “punch” the lime and mint leaves for a stronger mint flavours. I love to punch them though. Teehee.. For those who would like to try something different from the classic, try one of their flavoured mojito. I assure you would love them and start ordering for a second or more.

SOULedOut Bangsar South (19)
Lychee Mojito @ RM28 – fragrant blend of rum, lychee liqueur, lychee, mint leaves and lime
SOULedOut Bangsar South 20
Cinnamon Apple Pie Mojito @ RM28 – Rum, apple liqueur, apple pie syrup, cinnamon powder, make this taste just like apple pie!
SOULedOut Bangsar South 18
Asam Boi Mojito @ RM28 – Malaysian twist with the addition of asam boi syrup to rum, mint syrup, mint leaves and lime
SOULedOut Bangsar South (8)
Lychee (signature cocktail) @ RM 28 – Vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee fruit, fresh lime juice

Not a fan of lychee because lychee is artificially sweet even though they are naturally sweet. But I enjoyed sipping this Lychee Martini, although slightly too sweet for my liking. Enough alcohol to get the evening started after a long tiring day at work. You have a choice of shaken or stirred.

SOULedOut Bangsar South (18)
Classic Margarita @ RM 26 (glass) | RM 110 (jug) – The classic balance of tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice

My all time favourite cocktail is Classic Margarita and I always order this to compare notes. Although the margarita is not served in tall margarita glass, it tastes awesome just like how classic margarita should taste like and not lime juice with a hint of tequila. Teehee..

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Deep Fried Calamari @ RM23
SOULedOut Bangsar South (17)
Cheese Nachos @ RM 20 – Layers of crispy corn chips, baked with cheese, jalapeno peppers and Mexican salsa

The Deep Fried Calamari and Cheese Nachos are great for sharing. In fact, the calamari are great for one because you just can’t stop eating it! A great drink pairing and well cooked. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Not the chewy chewing gum like squid. The Nachos on the other hand, is a great starter while you’re waiting for the mains. Could do better with Guacamole.

SOULedOut Bangsar South (16)
Satay (12s) @ RM18 – Choice of beef / chicken / mixed, accompanied by condiments with delicious peanut gravy

Oh dear.. Satay? I just love SO Satay because they are tender and juicy especially the beef satays! Best of all, they are always so perfectly done. #QClevel99

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Mango Prawn Salad @ RM23

Salad salad salad.. Usually order salad to keep make a meal looking balance but SO Salads are always well balanced on its own with both greens and generous amount seafood. Summertime salad is a great salad to share. Generous pick of fresh seafood, grilled to perfection and served with orange segments, greens, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and drizzled with home made vinaigrette. I know many people don’t fancy alfalfa, but eaten with the grills, you don’t even notice it’s there. Teehee..

SOULedOut Bangsar South (14)
Summertime Salad

The Mango Prawn Salad consists of fresh succulent prawns, plump mangoes, avocado slices served in a zesty dressing is not only pretty to look at but also delicious. Love the twist of mango added in the salad. Giving a sweet touch into the salad.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 34
Pad Thai @ RM16

From the Asian kitchen, expect a good fired up wok result of Pad Thai – rice noodles tossed with prawns, squid, beansprouts, coriander, groundnuts and SOULed OUT’s pad thai sauce. Tastes quite like the authentic plate of pad Thai.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 29
Lamb Shank @ RM39

Have a mouthwatering feast from the Western kitchen. The Lamb Shank is slow cooked to perfection and served with home made garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. The lamb shank falls off the bone and melt-in the-mouth. Delicious gravy that keeps you forking for more lamb and dipping them into it.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 33
Pan Seared Grouper @ RM29

The Pan Seared Grouper is served with mixed Cajun Pasta, topped with roasted pepper and cherry tomato, asparagus and lemon. The pasta was perfectly done and the peppers and cherry tomatoes were really flavourful which gives the whole dish an intense flavour.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 36
Duck & Sundried Tomato Pasta @ RM26
I love aglio olio pasta and this was simply my kind of pasta. Strips of cured duck breast sauteed with sundried tomatoes make for a flavourful meal.
SOULedOut Bangsar South 28
Soft Shell Crab Pasta @ RM25

Soft Shell Crab Pasta is SO’s signature pasta and it depicts East meets West with the inclusion of curry leaves and chilli flakes. Imagine carbonara served with crispy soft shell crab with a aromatic curry leaves fragrance. Slurps~

SOULedOut Bangsar South 35
Mutton Varuval @ RM27

I love Northern Indian cuisine for their delicious gravy and spices. SO’s Northern Indian kitchen cooks up really good Northern Indian dishes. The Mutton Varuval is pungent and those mutton cubes are so tender and succulent.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 32
Butter Chicken @ RM24

SO’s Butter Chicken is everyone’s all time favourite. Tender boneless chicken cooked in a creamy, tangy butter sauce served with biryani rice, crispy papadom, acar and yogurt sauce.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 16
Lava Cake @ RM15
I insisted to have the Lava Cake all to myself because I love their warm, moist chocolate cake served with praline sauce and cashew nuts, topped with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. Yes, sinful indulgence but a happy booster. Must have this.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 14Nothing can go wrong with chocolate.


Thanks to Fanny for this picha <3

SOULedOut Bangsar South 15
Tropical Pavlova @ RM 12 (single) | RM70 (large)
A masterpiece on its own. Just so pretty to look at and delightful treat at the same time. The meringue looks delicate but it is crispy on the bite, chewy on the inside. At the first bite, you will be confused for a moment but then delighted with the nutty twist as they coconut cream filling here. Oh, not to mention the generous amount of tropical fruit and passion fruit drizzle over this.
SOULedOut Bangsar South 10
Gula Melaka & Jackfruit Cheesecake @ RM12 (slice) | RM90 (whole cake)

This is a new exotic combination for me. The Cheesecake is light and fluffy, not too rich and it is served with sliced Jackfruit and Gula Melaka by the side.

SOULedOut Bangsar South 6

SOULedOut Bangsar South 7
Coffee (Regular or Decaffeinated) @ RM8
SOULedOut BSouth
Café Latte @ RM 8

Sweet ending of a meal with a cuppa and desserts.


A round of Rainbow Shooters.

SOULedOUT Bangsar South 4
Rainbow (6 shooters) @ RM 90

A magical and colourful show! 6 shooters glass is served in an iced bowl filled with crushed ice. The bowl will be served to the table and the Bartender will pour a special mixture into the shooter glass containinggrenadine syrup, mango juice, orange juice, vodka, and bluecuracao.

SOULedOUT Bangsar South 5As each glass was filled with the special mixture, we were watching in amazement as each glass evolves a different colours even though the mixture came from the same glass!

SOULedOut Bangsar South 1
Pretty yet potent!

SOULedOut Bangsar SouthWhen doing tequila shots, a slice of lemon is taken after the shot. As for the Rainbow shots, a strawberry is taken 😉

There are 7 fun shooters to choose from the menu and each one has a fun name! A round of shots (or more) will keep the fun around especially when you’re here chilling out with your friends.

For reservations or more information, visit You can check out their latest events, current promotions and even their exciting menus online!

Business Hours
Mondays – Sundays : 12noon till closing

SOULed OUT @ Bangsar South
Unit G11-12, Ground Floor,
Nexus Bangsar South,
No. 7, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: 3.109805, 101.664768

Tel: +603 2242 3308 | +6013 613 1663
Facebook: SouledOutBangsarSouth
Instagram: @SOULedOUTBSouth

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