Orchid Mask-Enzyme Pack by Hollywood Cosmetics, Japan

Lately, I’ve been feeding my skin with some Japanese good stuffs #eatfullnothingtodo. Thanks to Reina for the Orchid Enzyme Pack set by Hollywood Comestics all the way from Japan.

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134836

The mask pack is easy and fun to use. It’s like a mini experiment (DIY) having to make your own mask and the texture of it is like butter on your face. Doesn’t feel dry or sting or tingling feeling on skin upon application. After washing it off, skin feels fresh, smooth & supple. This will be my weekly skin ritual to achieve bright & youthful looking skin.

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The Orchid Mask-Enzyme Pack set has been a long-selling product in Japan for more than half a century since its launch in 1960. The Enzyme Pack boosts the effectiveness of other cosmetics by leaving skin clean and soft. The Mask and Pickup Cream are mixed afresh before each application to harness the effectiveness of enzymes at peak freshness.

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Although the pack comes in all Japanese written instruction, I found the translated version with full illustration on line. Phew.. Thank God for Internet.

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Mask-Enzyme– click image for larger view –

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134843

The Orchid Mask comes with a cup and spatula for mixing.

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134846

I have Sensitive – Dry skin (more towards dry according to dermatologist) and based on the chart, I will need 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of the Orchid Mask powder. Since, I’m on the dryer end, I took 1 teaspoon.

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134849

The amount of Enzyme is the same despite the amount of the Orchid Mask powder…which is 3 lines of it. Which I estimated 3 rounds of squirting.

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134853

To be honest, there’s no need to be stressed about the EXACT AMOUNT. Just be comfortable and estimate. #carefreealert

Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme PackPC134857

Stir the mixture together and until well blended. Spread the mixture evenly on cleanly washed and pat dry face. The amount of wait depending on your skin type, thus the amount of Enzyme. For mine, 1 teaspoon is 5-6 minutes wait.

Orchid Enzyme Pack

Using the same spatula, scrap the mask off face gently and then using a wet clean cloth to wash away the remaining masks off face. Wash face with warm water and pat dry. Apply toner and moisturiser and enjoy the new fresh, clean and supple face!

Do this weekly and see the difference. Eg: Brighter and happier face!

Drop me a line if you’d like to purchase the Orchid Enzyme Pack set. We can order it together-gether 🙂

#Pictures are taken with Olympus Pen Lite EPL 7. For more information, tips and updates on Olympus systems, visit Olympus Malaysia.#

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