Dining Around The World – No Passport Needed @ iMiirage, SOHO Ipoh

You read the title right. No passport needed to dine around the world when you dine in iMiirage.

imiirage ipohP1085218

If you want to wow your partners or friends and family, bring them to iMiirage @ SOHO Ipoh. They will be wowed. Because I was wowed. I am not sure what are the options for fine dining in Ipoh, but coming from KL to Ipoh to this, I am WOWed!

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Dining in iMiirage is like travelling to a major cities in the world without passport. Virtually brought you around the world through a 270 degrees Full HD LED video projection. The virtual themes changes every 3 months and there are more than 20 themes available! That’s a whooping 6 years of virtual scenes available.

imiirage ipohP1085133imiirage ipohP1085136

It’s a whole new world the moment you step into iMiirage. Expect this be the place to be for dates, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and etc celebrations.

Tokyo Aquarium
Actual Tokyo Aquarium
imiirage ipohP1085140
Virtual Scene of Tokyo Aquarium

I was this close with the famous whale found in Tokyo Aquarium. #amazeballs

We were surrounded by the exact same sea creatures you find in Tokyo Aquarium, Japan. 3 months later, it could be Hong Kong skyline or along a Parisian walkway during autumn without leaving Ipoh!

iMiirage selfie
with Kelly, Mei Sze, Doris and Chan Won

Last week, we went to iMiirage for lunch. We were brought to Tokyo Aquarium, Japan. No passport needed and it felt like we were in Japan itself. We were dining in a virtual atmosphere exactly the same as Tokyo Aquarium itself. It is said that each sea creature were originally captured (take picture) from the actual Tokyo Aquarium itself to create the virtual scene here! So, hello fishies!

imiirage ipohP1085143
Catching my own lunch

 We had 3 course meal for lunch. From starter, main and desserts, all were pre-booked online.

imiirage ipohP1085169
House Salad @ RM19

For a simpler starter, the house salad is pretty good option to start off before hitting the mains. The house salad is served with home made salad dressing.

imiirage ipohP1085172
Seared Hokkaido King Scallop & King Prawn in Prosciutto Jacket @ RM65
imiirage ipohP1085165
Pan Seared Foie Gras (French) with Brioche & Red Wine Jus @ RM115

The Foie Gras is like chocolate, they melt in my mouth. Simply delicious. A must have starter if you’re a fan of foie gras.

imiirage ipohP1085179
Grilled Iberico Black Pork Steak “Cabecero” @ RM100

Grilled Iberico Black Pork Steak “Cabecero” (top loin of the Ibérico pig) is served with angel hair pasta, cider, bacon and mushroom sauce.

imiirage ipohP1085191
Grilled Chicken Diavola @ RM30

Grilled Chicken Diavola is marinated chicken with rosemary, garlic and chili, served with fries and garden salad.

imiirage ipohP1085190
Grilled NZ Lamb Chops @ RM90

Grilled NZ Lamb Chops is served with mint sauce. The lamb is tender and well seasoned.

imiirage ipohP1085194
Panfried Fillet of Duck Breast @ RM85

The Panfried Fillet of Duck Breast comes with truffled honey, red wine reduction and sautéed vegetables.

imiirage ipohP1085196

Slightly pink and tender-looking duck breast. Although the meat is a bit tough but the wine reduction is superb.

imiirage ipohP1085199

To be honest, I find the portion very generous for fine dining. This is value for money fine dining. #heh

For our third course, we had a fair share of desserts and we sampled each others’ desserts. Girls.

imiirage ipohP1085201
Rum & Raisin Ice Cream @ RM11.50
imiirage ipohP1085204
Bread & Butter Pudding @ RM20
iMiirage Desserts
Tiramisu @ RM30
iMiirage Desserts
Vanilla Pot Creme Brulee @ RM17.50
iMiirage Desserts
Madeira Parfait with Morello Cherries @ RM20

Desserts were just alright. I love the rum and raisin ice cream as it is packed with fatty rum filled raisins 😉

imiirage ipohP1085210
Fresh Brew Coffee @ RM12

A cup of organic coffee to complete the meal. Sipping the freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the virtual scene before we take off.

iMiirage is not just about the extraordinary fine dining experience with jaw droppng surroundings, but booking for a table in iMiirage is simply exclusive and reservations are made through online only via website or mobile app. You can pre-book your food in advance via MeCanOrder to enjoy 25% discounts!

Book online for this awesome virtual fine dining experience at http://imiirage.com. Make reservations via #MeCanOrder App to enjoy 25% off!

imiirage ipohP1085224
It’s Magical inside iMiirage


Block B, 2-15 SOHO Ipoh,
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan
GPS Coordinates: 4.593177, 101.077091

Tel: +605 241 2361

Website: http://imiirage.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iMiirage/

Accomodates: 120 pax. Upper floor caters 50 pax, optional for private event.

Note: iMiirage is non-halal, however the upper space is available for rental and you can opt for your own caterer.

#Pictures are taken with Olympus Pen Lite EPL 7. For more information, tips and updates on Olympus systems, visit Olympus Malaysia.#

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