Coffee & People Watching @ Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Remember the drifting scene from Tokyo Drift? Let me refresh your mind… *includes Teriyaki Boys Tokyo Drift song*

Catch the drift at 1.:19 That very jaw dropping moment. So dem cooooool.


Since Shibuya is one of our top stop in Tokyo, I told myself that I MUST NOT MISS OUT THIS FAMOUS BUSY INTERSECTION! Anyway, it’s impossible to miss it as we stepped out from Shibuya station, the busy human traffic was just ahead of us. So many HUMANS!

So many humans every at degree we turn our head. We quickly scout for a location to sit and watch the busy human traffic. Spotted Starbucks which is located at one of the corner of the traffic lights. Very strategic location.

And I thought I was the only one who enjoy people watching, I was wrong. There were tens and hundreds more people who have the same hobby. *I feel you, you feel me*

Bought our drinks, yea, during our time in Tokyo, my favourite drink from Starbucks is their Valentine’s drink series. So dem nice!!! I wonder why Malaysian Starbucks can’t come up with something so good 😛

Practically everywhere is pack lah. Starbucks is packed over the packed! All seats were taken especially the seats by the window. I had to wait for quite sometime for a vacant seat. It was worth the wait and I enjoyed my pretzel drink by the window :3 watched people crossing the road for almost an hour. It was crazy.

Can you count how many heads are there?

Light “Drift”

Playing with slow shutter

When the light turns green. All the humansssssssssssssss

Human Drift!

See the video laaa..

I wonder what’s the population in Tokyo. *googles*


Done people watching, we head down and cross the street for the second time in search of the famous Hachiko. History here.

Spotted this old vintage van. It’s the tourism centre. And Hachiko is sitting right opposite it. So, it’s not hard to locate Hachiko :3

Hachiko sitting proudly there.

Directly opposite Starbucks, from where we were at.

Halo, Hachi! Finally found you :3

Hachiko bronze statue is located near the Shibuya Station entrance/exit, “Hachikō-guchi”

Shibuya Crossing/Hachikō
2-1 Dogenzaka
Tokyo 150-0043

GPS Coordinates: 35.659484, 139.700523

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