Christmas Feast with Morganfield’s, Publika


One of my favourite celebration (my very favourite is my birthday) of the year. It’s the season of giving and receiving and love and joy and presents! Good food, parties, great companies, all the good stuffs, and the mark of the year coming to an end.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

All I want for Christmas is to celebrate the festive season with my loved and closed ones while feasting on a good and satisfying meal without having to burn a hole in the pocket. #valueformoney

Christmas Feast @ Morganfield’s, Publika from 28th November 2014 till 4th January 2015


Someone once asked me where’s the best pork ribs in town. I couldn’t think of any since coming back from Sydney and I think the closest to good ones are found in Morganfield’s. Plus, they come with really yummy mashed potatoes, so yea.

Morganfield’s Publika


MorganfieldsPublikaPC124737Why stressed over a meal? Keep calm and eat pork. To make it worth your every penny, look out for the Christmas Feast and gather your makan buddies for a porkalicious feast!

Christmas Breeze @ RM12.90

Kickstart our Christmas Feast with a glass of Christmas Breeze which is made of Gingerbread syrup (never knew there is such syrup), fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice and soda. It is said that one sip will make you go ho-ho-HO!

While waiting for the main highlight of the evening, we shared and sampled a few dishes which I prefer calling them the appetisers until we meet the main star dish.

Awesome Threesome

The name says it all. Three awesome starters in a plate which made it a threesome platter. The onion blossom comes with BBQ mayo dip is really addictive! Keeps you wanting to eat more of it. Made from a huge onion, battered and deep fried to perfection.


If you love potato, you’ll absolutely love this. Crispy skin, cheesy and soft fillings. Not to mention, delicious!


Fan of chicken wings like Caroline couldn’t wait to get their hands on the wings! Even though the wings look spicy, but for Caroline to ask for more, signals that it’s not spicy at all because she can’t even take spicy stuffs. Maybe slightly spicy a bit.

Home-made Mushroom Soup

If you must have soup, I suggest you order this mushroom soup for it is really chunky, rich and creamy. Served with a huge slice of crispy garlic bread. It is recommended to order this for sharing for 2 persons if you’re planning to pig out on ribs.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon

The salmon is perfectly done! Crispy skin and soft tender salmon flesh. Served with generous amount of seasoned veggies, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and amazing orange salsa.

Orange Salsa
Roasted Turkey

I’m no fan of turkey because the flesh is usually dry and tough but I am a fan of Morganfield’s roasted turkey because the meat is so tender and juicy! Served with sautéed paprika potatoes, pork stuffing, seasoned veggies, brussel sprouts, winter chestnuts and Giblet gravy.

Here comes the main star dish of the night:

Morganfield’s Most Valuable Platter @ RM199.90

Introducing the jolliest porkiest Christmas Feast by Morganfield’s Publika. This is the main highlight and the very reason why we’ve been saving our tummy space for. THE MVP which is Morganfield’s Most Valuable Platter of all time! The MVP comes with 1/2 slab of Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, full slab of Jack Daniel’s Iberico Baby Back, full slab of Smoked Peppercorn Lamb Rack Ribs, full slab of Hickory BBQ Beef Ribs, Spicy Devil Sausage, Herby Hog, garden salad, grilled corn on the cob, corn bread and crispy French Fries.

Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs & Hickory BBQ Beef Ribs
Jack Daniel’s Iberico Baby Back
Smoked Peppercorn Lamb Rack Ribs
Spicy Devil Sausage & Herby Hog
Garden salad, grilled corn on the cob, corn bread & crispy French Fries


These ribs are simply awesome! Forget fork and knife! Just dig in with your hands and lick off the sauces from your fingers. Don’t waste ’em! If you want to dine with class, a fork will do as the meat falls off the bone and so tender you don’t need the knife!



This platter is recommended to feed 6 pax but if you are dining with these boys:

Tim & Vernon

All the better! Because you get to order more dishes from the menu to share. Sharing is caring.

Mei Sze getting bibed
Caroline & I

Everyone got a bib on, prepped up to pig out! The Santa’s Helper Taking Some Time Off Dining Bib can be purchased at RM20. Christmas is a season of feasting, protect your shirt while doing so.

Oink! Oink! Mug @ RM15

You can also purchase their cute Oink! Oink! Mug at RM15 (Dark blue & Pink). While drinking from the mug, you are instantly “transformed” into a cute swine!

MorganfieldsPublikaPC124743or Sexy swines because the piggie mug has red lippie and a mole.

Such ideal Christmas gifts for your piggie buddies 😛

Volcanic Chocolate Lava Cake @ RM15.90

Every meal must end with a sweet touch. The Volcanic Chocolate Lava Cake was the perfect finale to our meal. Delicious moist warm chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce. Nothing can go wrong with chocolate.


Make Morganfield’s Publika your feasting choice during this festive season. Check out Morganfield’s Facebook for more updates and upcoming promotions!

Morganfield’s Publika
26 & 27, Block C4, Level G3 Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: 3.171338, 101.666691

Tel: +603 6211 9958



#Pictures are taken with Olympus Pen Lite EPL 7. For more information, tips and updates on Olympus systems, visit Olympus Malaysia.#

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