Burger Bakar @ Restaurant KAW’D by Burger KAW KAW, Ampang Waterfront

When someone asked me how I like Burger Bakar at Burger Kaw Kaw, I feel ashamed to reply, “Sorry, I don’t know because I never had it.” It kind of put a surprise face on every person who asked me the same question. Lol. Serious. I’ve never had Burger Bakar before despite having residing in KL for so many years to date. Hehe.. And yes, I’ve heard a lot about it.


Since I missed out the first hype of Burger Bakar at Burger Kaw Kaw, I decided not to miss it again by tagging along these Burger Bakar fans to check out the new place in Ampang. Burger Kaw Kaw’s brand new outlet called Restaurant KAW’D which caters more to family crowd and more specialised/customised/personalised Burger Bakar.


Restaurant KAW’D is located at Ampang Waterfront. Like the others, my first frown was the traffic getting there and being there. However, the urge to taste that burning burger brought us there anyway. Burger Kaw Kaw started off selling Burger Bakar and just that. This new brand Restoran KAW’D specialises in Burger Bakar as well as sandwiches. Besides that, they also have steaks, snacks, milkshakes, coffee and all that fit the current lifestyle.


 They deal in Ringgit Malaysia and in cash terms only.

Unlike their other parent outlet, Restaurant KAW’D has a different concept where you could mix and match and create your very own burger. You can pick your type of buns, your choice of meat patty, your choice of ingredients to go with your meat and that’s not all, YOU CAN EVEN NAME YOUR OWN BURGER!


I won’t know, but the rest said that the patty are much better. When spoken to the founders, they said that they did some R&D and even made their own meat patty now. Sound promising and looking forward to the burgers!KAW’D sells greatly on their “Rare Burgers” range: Smokynizer, Permaisuri and Lambernizer.


They have indoor and outdoor seating. What caught my attention is their garden seating which is so nice to look at but I didn’t want to sit there because I might attract mosquitoes. hehe..


Flipping through the menu, I’m impressed with the wide varieties of burgers and snacks they have in it! They also have combo meals to choose from. What caught my attention is their Rare Burgers. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into them…………


While waiting for our burgers, we sampled their latest drinks made of combination of softdrinks and flavoured syrup. Something like mocktails, fizzy kinds. Then comes the float which you could add on with a scoop of ice-cream into your choice of drinks.

Now let’s get into the real deal…


Our first dig in was the Jumbo Dog which comes in a grain bun, crispy lettuce, mustard and house special sauce. The sausage is huge, hence the Jumbo Dog. Oh, and served with a whole pickle at the side.


For a messier treat, we had the Chilli Dog which didn’t disappoint. Topped with jalapeno enough to scare the non-spicy eaters away. Served with wedges.

And now, presenting the all the Burger Bakar we had that night:


Chicken with Crispy Bacon

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Lamb with Cream Cheese

Lamb Carbonara Chili & BBQ Cheese

The Stack Sandwich

All the burgers come with meat patty of your choice (Chicken, Beef or Lamb). Each burger comes with single patty and priced from RM9.50 onwards. Lamb is RM3 more than the the Chicken and Beef. For every extra patty is RM6.50 for Chicken and Beef, RM7.50 for Lamb. Prices are subject to change.

Top up a few more RM to make it a meal (from RM15 onwards). The set comes with a drink and Fraggy (see below).

Fraggy @ RM9

The Fraggy consists of imported wedges and sausages and topped with KAW’D homemade Smoked Brown Sauce and Cajun cheese.

Cheesy Fries @ RM6

The Cheesy Fries served with Cajun Cheese sauce and eaten with pickled chili for that extra Kaw Kaw kick!

Cheesy Tortilla Chips

Kreto Philly Cheeze Sticks

Last but not least, the Kreto Philly Cheeze Sticks is my favourite. Long grain bun filled with beef bacon strips, chunkcs of meat, jalapeno chilli, crispy lettuce and cabbage, and not forgetting the generous oozing melted cheese! Well balance of both meat. To simply put in words, this is your kind of guilt free sandwich. Hehe..

Despite having located in Ampang Waterfront which known by many (especially the locals) for the heavy and most of the time crazy traffic, the place is still patronized by many and mostly the regulars. I don’t mind coming all the way here for a guilty indulgence and perhaps tag a few victims along. Heee..

Restoran KAW’D
No. 46 Jalan Awf 3
Ampang Waterfront
56000 Ampang, Selangor.

GPS Coordinates: 3.143462, 101.777451


Business Hours: 6.30pm to 2.00am Daily

Facebook Page : KawDoriginal

Website : http://burgerbakar.com/


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