Best of 2017

I got married. That’s the best of 2017.

27.09.2017 – #annawillsayido 2.0 held in The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I am with the man of my life. He loves me, cares a lot about me, feeds me well, don’t mind my fats, supports me and pampers me every time he could (super romantic as well). Oh, and most importantly, he layan all my nonsense.

This is William, my hubby. This is his spring 2017 look.

07.01.2017 – Proposed at The Lombok Lodge. Romantic & cheesy like in movies.
03.05.2017 – ROM in Kuching, Sarawak. A very close family & friends event

We got engaged this year (2017) and also signed, sealed and married in the same year.

05.05.2017 – #annawillsayido outdoor garden themed dinner at Hilton Kuching. Watch it here: #annawillsayido in Kuching

Being together is easy, getting married is somewhat complicated. There were paper works (somewhat easy just inconvenient as you need so many types of documentations) and Chinese tradition (so dem many rules). To sum it up, wedding is a very stressful event, and we had 2. Having to juggle both work and wedding planning, it was very stressful for me as there were so much expectations from everyone. The amount of planning, details and decision making. God. People didn’t come up with the term Bridezilla for no reason. There were so much compromisations, tolerations, rationalisations, emotions, traditions, and all the -tions you could ever find in the dictionary. I had numerous breakdown because of that and the amount of pressure I have from work didn’t help at all. I don’t know how William does it, I’m just glad that he’s the one I’ll be spending the rest of my life with.

Coolest and most supportive mom anyone could ask for. Thanks for being my mother and accepting William and being super understanding. *tears*
Coming from a family of 4, I’m now a part of a big family. We’re 8 now and more to come. Thanks for accepting me and giving me William haha..

To be honest, I’m a very lucky girl. Our wedding days were so beautiful. So grand and beautiful. Couldn’t have done it better without William, my family, his family and our friends being very supportive and helpful throughout the journey. William did the most for our weddings and the most I did was getting the little stuffs done, crying and complaining half the time. Of everything he did, the most important thing he did was being there emotionally and physically for both of us. He was the stronger one while I was the cry baby. It’s good to have a William.

15.09.2017 – Betrothal Gift Ceremony 过大礼 (Guo Da Li)

We’re truly blessed to have such wonderful parents that are of such great support and just being Chinese. There’s no sugar coating about this and let’s just have the full stop here.

William, Lappie & I #teamred

In fact, I haven’t properly thank William for what he has done for me and for us. I am truly blessed to have William as my other half. He is everything I’m not (I’m smarter). He is my pillar, my shoulder to cry on, my supporter, the decision maker, peacemaker, my forever love. I am just fortunate to be with him. I am not perfect and I have my flaws and weaknesses, but I’m trying to be better for you… (trying to be cheesy but still can’t beat William’s cheesiness).

reminiscing our pak thor days back in 2015

Thank you, dear, for everything you have done and being the strong one. I love you so much and let’s continue to stay lovey dovey till our hair turns white. I dedicate this post to you as you’re the best thing that ever happen to me.





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