Authentic Penang White Curry Mee @ Hot Bowl Nyonya Delight, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

You know the whole hype about the instant noodle White Curry Mee by MyKuali? I can’t help to think that maybe it’s overrated. So, before I get to taste a fork of it, I went to Penang to taste the authentic Penang White Curry Mee by Hot Bowl Nyonya Delight. Because I can.

Located along Abu Siti Lane in Georgetown, Penang, the shop doesn’t look like a place for food. It looked like an office with a couple of cars parked in front of it. Heh.. A friend introduced us the place and we went to check it out. Woohoo! Location address, GPS coordinates and map is at the end of this post.

Unlike your usual coffee shop or restaurant, you need to queue up in front of the kitchen to make your order to the uncle cooking.

Good thing we came early in the morning, so we managed to secure a table as we arrived. It’s a norm for the place to be swamped by hungry diners later in the mornings till the noodles sells out.

Say HI! to Hot Bowl Uncle. He has been in this business and behind the stove for almost 20 YEARS already!! So, can say that the flavours are as authentic as it used to be back in the olden days.


Curry Paste, Chicken Rice Chili Sauce & Soy Sauce

There are condiments on each table to complement the food served here. They make their own sauce. Yes, that includes the soy sauce. If you love them sauces, you can even buy them as they have produced in proper packaging. So ong!

They sell many kinds of local delicacies, Otak-otak for instance. Unfortunately, even though we went in the morning, the Otak-Otak already sold out >:( So, we just settle with this local snack.

Deboned Chicken aka Pak Cham Kai

Hot Bowl is not only known for its White Curry Mee but also its Steamed Chicken or better known here as Pak Cham Kai. Tender and juicy deboned chicken for us two. Not sure whether to thank Bok or give him a fat stare.

White Curry Mee @ RM4 (small)

Finally, my White Curry Mee is served. It is really white. When tasted the soup, it doesn’t even taste like curry. Just plain milky soup served with fresh cockles, cuttlefish, tofu, bean sprouts and your choice of noodle.

Plain plain

This is when the curry paste plays it part. Add in X amount of curry paste to your liking and BOOOM! That’s the White Curry Mee for you. When the curry paste is added into the noodle, the soup thicken and the flavour evolved from plain milky to rick, fragrant, spicy and delicious curry noodle. *thumbs and toes up*

If you are in Penang, do drop by to spice up your life!

Hot Bowl Nyonya delight
16A Lorong Abu Siti
10400 Penang

GPS Coordinates: N5 25 07 E100 19 26

Tel: +604 227 3168

Business hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 8am-3pm (Closed on Mondays)


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