Yu Tao Mai (Fish Head Noodle) @ SS20 Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim

Last week, my colleagues and I went to SS20 aka Damansara Kim for some fish head noodle goodness. When they told me the place is at SS20, I was like “WOAH, SO FAR! Can come back office on time?” Because I was very geographically noob, I thought SS20 is in Shah Alam =..=||| Then, they said that it’s only in Damansara Kim. Heh.. *paiseh*

The fish head noodle restaurant is called SS20 Fish Head Noodle and it is located along Jalan SS20/10 (same row as Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant).

Location Map

In fact, this area has a few Fish Head Noodle restaurants. According to my colleagues, SS20 Fish Head Noodle is the best among all and it used to operate at the corner of Medan Selera MBPJ. Then, they moved to the opposite into the shoplot and became a restaurant.

Obviously, the signature dish here is none other than Fish Head Noodle. 8) When making order, it’s more a less like customizing your own bowl of noodles! Read on to find out why.

There are two types of fish to choose from; Soong Fish and Haruan Fish. The difference between these two fishes is that Haruan fish is less boney than Soong fish.

Haruan Fish Head Noodles with Thick Meehoon @ RM11.50

The soup is made of preserved vegetable, tomato, ginger and Chinese rice wine. The soup is slightly bland for me and I prefer if they add some tamarind in it to give that extra tangy flavour and more wine for the kick. 8) There are two types of soup based of with and without evaporated milk. I prefer mine with milk as it makes the soup more bodied and less plain than the soup without milk.

Haruan Fish Head Noodles with Thick Meehoon @ RM11.50

There were 4 slices of Haruan fish for each bowl of noodles, this is emphasized in the menu. :lol: For the fish, we can choose either fried, non-fried or a mix of both. Being the greedy me and wanting to try both fried and non-fried, I opt for mix (no additional charges).

Thick Meehoon

Also, I opt for thick meehoon because as a Foochow, we like our noodles thick :D Apart from that, fine meehoon tends to taste flourish and also harder to chew than thick ones, whereas the thick noodles are normally softer and much easier to chomp. HEH

No idea why thick meehoon andlai fun (thick Chinese noodles) are RM0.50-RM1 more expensive than the fine meehoon? Don’t they cost the same?

Anyway, good stuff usually more expensive than regulars. *lol*

They have Fish Paste Noodles for those who don’t fancy Fish Head because it’s boney.

The fish pastes are specially handmade and comes in 5 pieces in each bowl. It that’s not enough, can always order the side dishes – eg: Baby Spinach with Haruan fish or fish paste, just Haruan fish or fish paste only and also just baby spinach.

From the menu, you can see a wide selection of drinks and desserts. I find the drinks pricey, from RM3 onwards (RM0.80 for plain water) and desserts were reasonable from RM3.30 onwards. Might as well order dessert and skip the drinks. Heee..

Mamak Cendol @ RM3.30

The Mamak Cendol is so much nicer than the ones we had at Baba Low’s!

Sago Gula Melaka @ RM3.80

The Sago Gula Melaka comes with a bowl of shaved ice topped with sago and red beans, covered with coconut milk and sweet Gula Melaka. This is the first time I had Sago Gula Melaka with red beans in it.

Frankly speaking, I disliked the red beans. It was hard and not the soft creamy type of red bean as ice has freeze the beans. Heh.. The next time I order this, I’m going to request for a red-bean-less one. ;-)

Notice the Ying Yang here?

Nyaaaahh! Writing this and looking at the pichas sure is making me craving for a hot bowl of fish head noodle, especially now as I’m sitting in this freezing cold office. Perhaps I could persuade my colleagues to drive out for it. Teehee!

**P/S: All prices are subject to 5% Service Charge.


SS20 Fish Head Noodle
No. 28, Jalan SS20/10, Damansara Kim
47400 Selangor

Tel: +6012 628 8896/+6019 335 0880

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