Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

One of my favorite cuisine is the Japanese cuisine and I really dig into Japanese buffet for the wide spread of sashimi, sushi, tempura, etc.. Best of all, most Japanese buffet I’ve been to are really value for money. And to relate to that, there’s a new Sushi joint namely Yama & J Japanese Restaurant and their highlighted specialty is Fusion Sushi Buffet which is worth your every penny! Read on to know more about it.

Yama & J is located above Starbucks in Jaya One.


Chef Yama

This is Chef Yama, the executive Chef here at Yama & J. Chef Yama has more then 25 years experience in New York, USA, and recently came back to share his experience and concept to Malaysian eatery and his specialties are sauces. He has been featured in more than 10 newspapers and magazines, and has worked extensively with numerous Iron Chefs.

Sushi Buffet Boat Table

Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet is available for both lunch and dinner. Let’s talk about money at the end of the post, for now, enjoy the pictures of what Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet has to offer…

At on end of the boat you will find condiments such as wasabi, soy sauce, spicy sauce and Chef Yama’s special sauces.

A hill of pickled ginger!

Udon to go with the Miso soup

Wakame (raw seaweed) Salad


Chuka Idako

Mussels to go with pleasant sambal dippings

Right at the center of the boat, there’s a tier level of Mango Desserts, Edamame (soybean) and Deep Fried Salmon Head.

Mango Dessert


Deep Fried Salmon Head

For a Sushi Buffet Boat, there are simply too many types of Sushi to savour at one time!

Inari sushi

Unagi Nigiri Sushi



California Maki



 Special California Maki

Eat all you can Nigiri

Succulent fresh Sashimi

One of my favourite, fresh juicy raw prawns!

Fresh Oysters

What you just saw are all on the buffet boat and they may vary in items depending on the season of the ingredients and availability.

As if there are not enough sushi and sashimi from the sushi boat, the buffet includes Sushi from the ala carte menu! These sushi are more special and fusion based. These fusion sushi comes with Chef Yama’s special sauces, whereas the sushi from the boat are served separately from the sauces and you could dip with the special sauces at your own choice.

Red Dragon Roll: Spicy tuna and cucumber roll, topped with Big-Eye Tuna & Chef’s signature spicy ponzu garlic sauce

Baked Salmon Roll: Snowcrab, cream cheese & asparagus on top with baked salmon, served with Chef’s signature sauce

Japanese Lasagna: Snow crab meat mix with avocado inside; topped with a baked layer of cream cheese and chef signature sauce.

Happy Sumo Roll: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & snow crab, deep-fried potato strip topped with Chef’s signature yuzu, homemade eel sauce & strawberry sauce, served in a martini glass

Art of Maki: Salmon, avocado, crabmeat wrapped with tuna & served with Chef’s signature yuzu sauce

Mango Waikiki Roll: Fresh salmon, avocado topped with mango & red tobikko & Chef’s signature mango sauce

Volcano Roll: Crabmeat mix, avocado & cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, spicy salmon mango with Chef’s signature sauce

Any dish can be made with plain, medium and hot spicy upon request and can be diet dish, except fried dishers.

For dessert, help yourself with ice cream of various flavours!

Simply love the green tea ice cream :3

How much is Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet?

Lunch buffet: RM48++ per pax (promo 40% offers ends 19th May 2013).

Buffet Dinner: RM 68 ++ RM 88++ Free Flow beer 2 hours (last call for food 9.45pm) (free flow beer offers from the time you start dinning at any time of arrival)

If you worry to overstuff yourself with all the sushi above, you can order them from their A La Carte menu and there are also special lunch sets available.

Yama & J Fusion Buffet
M-6-1 Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan University
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7931 7372/+6016 381 8896

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