Wong Kee Restaurant @ Chemor, Perak

Putt is such a great host! He hosted us during our entire stay in Ipoh and brought us to many places with yummy food. He even sacrificed his morning meeting to hold a table for us just for breakfast. *touched* Then, in the evening, he brought us to this place called Wong Kee Restaurant in Chemor. His parents patronised the place weekly, so I heard. Food must be dem good (since Putt is a foodie, that makes his parents double the foodie).

His mum even packed us some roasted chicken to nibble on our way to the restaurant. It wasn’t a long drive from his house, approximately half an hour or so only. But thanks to the chicken, we survived the drive to the restaurant. lol

We let Putt decide on the menu and we’re fine with anything as we eat everything. So, he went on ordering while we girls busy ourselves with the chicken.

Our first dish was this hot pot of herbal soup. Really concentrated herbal soup packed with enough alcohol to kick you in the head. Instead of using meat, the soup is cooked with fish! My love~ Really really good. Love the strong gingerish packed with Chinese wine which overtook the herbal taste (which I like because I don’t really fancy strong herbal soup).

The next dish was also fish! Fish sliced cooked with spring onions. This is so dem good! Very fresh fish slice. Smooth smooth and perfectly done.

Nothing beats the Deep Fried Frog legs with crispy ginger slices. This is the best of the bestest frog I’ve ever eaten! The frogs are so fresh! The flesh is so sweet and the crispy ginger is so yummy! I wish there were more ginger slices as all the girls were fighting for it. I miss this so much, I don’t mid driving up to Ipoh over the weekends. Anyone want to join me??

A simple fried vermicelli but it was really good. Enough wok hei to get us whacking 2 servings each person. Hehe..

Yes, that’s pork knuckle.

And we shared this huge plate of pork knuckle for 6. The portion was huge and we were all shocked as to how we were going to finish it. Well, we somehow managed to almost finish the whole thing. I think we either have a black hole or a giant worms in our stomach!

The pork knuckle was perfectly done. Crispy on the skin, sweet tender juicy and succulent porkie meat, dipped into the thick and rich gravy and placed in the mantao (steamed bun) and eaten like a Chinese burger. Such is life.

As if we didn’t have enough pork dosage, came this claypot of Japanese tofu cooked with SIU YOKE – CRISPY 3 LAYERED PORK! So dem good T__________T

I want to go Ipoh for food again.


Business hours 
Mondays – Sundays: 10.30 am – 2.30pm (Lunch) | 5.30 – 11.00 pm (Dinner)
Closed on alternate Tuesdays.

Wong Kee Restaurant
24, Laluan Sinaran,
Desa Chemor Sinaran,
Chemor, Perak.

GPS Coordinates: 4.715614, 101.121730

Tel: +6012 5182686,  6019-5561870

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