Win a Chandon Summer 2015 Limited Edition

Chandon celebrates the Australian summer with a refreshing, Keep it Cool with Chandon cool, sparkle and a limited edition bottle. Read on to find out how you could win yourself a bottle of this beautiful Chandon Summer 2015 Limited Edition.

Chandon Summer 2015 Limited Edition

Nautical stripes aren’t just on the runway this Spring/Summer, they are fashionably cool on the new special edition Chandon bottle. Chandon encapsulates all that is young, fun and vibrant with the launch of this special limited edition bottle. Just in time for summer revelry, the bottle is both an invitation and an inspiration to have the most refreshing Summer is pure beauty…It is time when the sun shines longer and the sky looks even more blue.

Best season to relax, connect with the ones you love and enjoy togetherness. Season to escape and immerse in a world of openness and lasting adventurous memories Chandon, escape into the Chandon Brut is the perfect drink for the summer.


When chilled, with its refreshing bubbles, it celebrates the summer like no other. Summer must be celebrated with all cool and trendy things– the new limited edition bottle of Chandon is your perfect accessory for summer 2015!


Add some zesty ingredients, love, fun and Chandon Brut and you get yourself a refreshing and cool drink set for the Summer!


Get some friends in a room and invite the summer cool with chilled glasses from a very trendy bottle.

The summer bottle was added in Chandon’s repertoire in 2012 when the US created the first one then Brazil and Australia joined the celebration of summer soon after. Now Chandon’s limited edition is developed in all its markets where sparkling wine will make summer truly cool.

Summer puts you in the mood for poolside glamour, sandy beaches, and nautical adventures or to simply just remain indoors and stay cool. The Chandon summer bottle’s modern take on stripes immediately invokes a vivacious mood. The foil’s silver tone serves as a gleaming beacon, signaling that the only requirements for a glorious summer are your favorite friends and chilled Chandon.


Whether it’s a carefree lounge near the beach or a glamorous party by the pool, the striped Chandon bottle is perfect for every summer occasion. And when the season is over, every sip of Chandon Brut will remind you of your fun memories in the sun.

The Chandon Summer 2015 bottle is available in 75cl from June 2015 onwards at selected retail outlets, bars and restaurants. So move over from the regular and play it cool with Chandon.


Stand a chance to win a Chandon Summer Limited Edition bottle every month in June and July. Here’s how:

Step 1: Snap your best picture with the Chandon Summer Limited Edition life-sized bottle.

Step 2: Post it on Instagram, insert #chandonsummermy and tag the outlet (where the picture

Step 3: Get the most likes on your picture in Instagram to stand a chance to win the Chandon Summer Limited Edition bottle!

  • Winners will be contacted through Instagram.
  • Contest period: June – July 2015. Kindly ensure that you enable your Instagram post to be viewed by public for tracking purposes. Enjoy Chandon Summer responsibly.

It’s that simple! Join the contest now and win yourself a bottle of Chandon Brut Summer Edition and beat that summer heat away with a pop!

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