WHISK Outpost @ One Utama

Who knew you will find a little rustic-style cafe somewhere tucked in a shopping mall which serves nothing but great coffee, cakes and macaroons. Ok, there were other pastries as well but I like the cakes more. :3

WHISK Outpost is located in the old wing of One Utama, just beside Starbucks Signature. It’s quite a lookout if you’re not familiar with the layout in One Utama. Here are some pichas of the place. Really like it, small, cosy and comfy..

I really like their furnitures. So cute and vintage-y! For your info, all tables are this tiny! So nice! You know why? It keeps people close. LOL

Especially love the floor. Such hard work in putting these tiles together. LOL

Espresso based drinks (Americano, Latte, Cappucino, Mocha) range from RM7 to 14 and RM1 for extra shot.

Cold Brew @ RM10 (240ml) | RM 19.50 (480ml)



Their signature and bestseller cakes are Red Velvet and Granny’s Cake. Had the Granny’s cake previously and absolutely love it.

Cold Brew, The Pink Stacks and Caramel Macaron

Cold Brew @ RM10

This is an in-house coffee which is brewed for 12 hours and bottled up fresh daily. Best to drink it chilled straight from the bottle or with ice, but I prefer it chilled only without ice. So, can enjoy the natural flavours of the coffee beans brewed for the day.

The Pink Stacks @ 14.90

The Pink Stacks was so rose-syrupish to me. Honestly, I don’t like it. It’s just shaded pink sponge cake with cream cheese frosting in between. Nothing special. Should have gone for the Red Velvet or Granny’s Cake. =..=

Caramel Macaron @ RM2.20

The Caramel Macaron made up for the pink stacks. Love it! Just how a macaron should be. Crispy, soft, sweet and lovely.

Coffee and cake time with Ah Bok. Don’t ask me why he looked dem buay song here, but actually he was trying to look cool with the fork.  :roll: Pichas above are all taken with Samsung NX1000 which I’m planning to let go at RM2.6k (Nego. Comes with 3 lenses and extended warranties). Drop me an email at theannna@gmail.com for more information.

On another visit earlier (sometime in January), we had the Granny’s Cake and Scones to go with their Latte and Picolo Latte. Pichas are taken with Samsung Galaxy S3.

The scone is crispy like cookie! Still prefers the scones at the Bread Shop, Damansara Heights.

Granny’s Cake

The Granny’s cake on the other hand is highly recommended. With caramelised or soften apples in the middle with cream cheese frosting. Love it as it is Yums!

Cafe Latte @ 11

Picolo Latte @ RM9

Between Cafe Latte and Picolo Latte, I would place my money on Picolo. I prefer bold flavoured coffee which tastes stronger and lets the warm milk smoothen out the texture. Here, they do a pretty good job on latte. So, if you are someone who prefers robust coffee flavoured latte, go for Picolo. It has less milk compared to a normal cafe latte.

WHISK voted as one of best coffee place in KL in TIMEOUT magazine (2011, 2012)

Overall, WHISK Outpost is a decent coffee place to chill in between shopping or just to hang out while waiting for friends, spouse, partners shopping. They have a great range of coffee, tea, light bites, cakes and macarons. Apart from enjoying a nice sip, a good bite, good music and nice people in there, you will be admiring the interior of the place.



WHISK, Outpost
G139 1 Utama Shopping Centre
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7722 1020

Business Hours
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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