Weekend Dim Sum Lunch Buffet @ Toh Yuen, Hilton Kuching Hotel

Weekends is the time to rest and relax from work, schools, jams, long waits in long queue in gahmen offices, all the hectic-ness over the weekdays.

Why cook on the day you can finally relax?  Enjoy yourselves over the weekend with some wicked Dim Sum Lunch Buffet at Toh Yuen, Hilton Kuching Hotel.

The Dim Sum Lunch Buffet is available on every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at RM45++ per person, inclusive of free flow of Chinese tea. The buffet starts as early as 11.30am and ends at 2.30pm. Eat all you can during the 3 hours.

Welcome to Toh Yuen Restaurant

Toh Yuen Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in Hilton Kuching Hotel. It is located on the first floor, situated near the lift next to the lobby. The Restaurant serves pork free.

You can request for a private room for family get together or business meet ups.

It was the weekend before Christmas at the time I was in Toh Yuen Restaurant for the Weekend Lunch Buffet. Thus, you can see the Christmas tree decor in the restaurant. My guess, this statue must be an Emperor. Really gives the Restaurant a Grand touch.

The lovelies (Yien and Rose) in the background of this authentic Chinese tea pot.

Lovely ice sculpture of China’s iconic building. By the way, I took a few “Godzilla effect” picha with the ice sculpture. Just wait for Yien or Rose (can’t remember who took the pichas huhuhu) to upload them.

#Dim Sum Galore#

Now, the Dim Sum galore. Here in line are various types of dumplings, savouries, and porridge.

#Hong Kong Style Congee with Century Egg and Chicken

#Char Siew Bao

#Dim Sum Galore

There are fried noodles, chee cheung fun, beef tripes, steamed chicken claw in spicy sauce, dumplings and Peking Duck.

My favs, beef tripe and chicken claw in spicy sauce <3


The Siu Mais


I normally start with the appetizers and salad when in Buffet before hitting the main course.

#Fish Umai

#Lettuce and Thousand Island

#Pasta Salad

#Chicken Roll (aka Ngo Hiam)

#Salad Prawns in Golden Cup

#Beancurd with Squid Roll

Why I love appetizers?

Because I see BIG prawns!

Prawn in Pasta Salad

Prawn in Salad Prawn with Golden Cup


#Chinese Pastries#

All the Chinese pastries are freshly prepared from the kitchen and handmade by the specialised Chefs. And all of the pastries are delicious! Don’t believe me, well, see if for yourself. Pichas don’t lie…

#Chicken Dumpling and Almond Slice

My first impression of this dumpling: “Heh.. Must be red bean inside.”

Well, I was wrong. The inside is actually chicken and it’s very verydelicious! My favourite among the rest of the pastries.

#Golden Sesame Ball

#Crispy Prawn Dumpling with Mayonnaise

#Yam Pie (aka Oh-Nee)

#Bread Ball Dumpling

#Glutinous Red Bean Ball

Now, this is the ball with red bean in it.

It is sweet and fragrant-ful. When Jacq first mentioned that there’s banana taste in it, both Yien and I were intrigued to try it. The crispy skin is tasteless, while the white layer in between the filling (red bean) and the skin, tastes like banana. Yummeh!

#Spring Roll with Assorted Meat

This is another must try. Very tasty!

#Panfried Shanghai Dumpling

#Panfried Carrot Cake

My brother is a carrot cake fan and he will absolutely love this! Crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.


There are 4 condiments to go with the pastries: Mayonnaise, Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Spicy Shrimp Paste.

With Chef Master

#Peking Duck#

One of the highlighted MUST HAVEs from the Weekend Dim Sum Lunch Buffet is the Chef’s Peking Duck. A MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST HAVE! Just look at the golden brown skin roasted duck which shouts at you, “I have crispy skin on the outside,  sweet, juicy and succulent meat on the inside! Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!”

Peking Roasted Duck is a famous Chinese delicacy from Beijing and has been prepared since the imperial era. The Peking Duck is thinly sliced skin with little meat on it, and it is eaten with spring onions, white radish, carrot, sweet bean sauce, and carefully wrapped in thin pancake.

Ingredients for Peking Duck

At the Peking Duck stall, guests get to witness the wrapping of the Peking Duck.

Peking Duck Wrap

From a plain pancake to a mouthwatering Peking Duck wrap.

Once ready to be eaten, the Peking Duck wrap is best eaten as it is, or with some plum sauce on it.

From this view, I just want to nibble the duck skin. =x

A balance dish of meat, carb and veggie :3

#Sweets and Desserts#

It’s a sin to leave the buffet without touching the desserts. :P It is for me.

#Marble Cheese Cake

Love the marble cheese cake. It’s rich and creamy, just the way I like it :D

#Cold Cheese Cake

The cold cheese cake is sort of like a light cheese cake. Very light and not as rich and creamy as the marble cheese cake. Suitable to those who is watching their weight/diet. (What’s diet anyway? :P)

#Walnut Butter Cake

#Tropical Fruits

#Chocolate and Corn Jelly

At one glance the jelly looks like our local nyonya kueh. The jellies are served cold. The corn jelly has really strong taste that it overtook the chocolate flavour. So, go for the choc first, before the corn, ya?

#Mango Pudding

The most recommended dessert by Amelie and Jacq is the Mango Pudding.

It tasted alright to me. The corn jelly I had previously, had numbed my tastebud for this recommended Mango Pudding T________T. So, I didn’t get to taste the real flavour of the pudding. It.is.corny.to.me.still.Thanks.to.the.corn.jelly. *LOL*

Amelie & I. Picha credits to John Harding

Thanks Ame, for inviting me over for lunch. I had a wonderful time eating, talking, laughing and prawning.

Toh Yuen Restaurant
Hilton Kuching Hotel
Weekend Dim Sum Lunch Buffet @ RM45++ per person

Available on every Saturday & Sunday (11.30am – 2.30pm)

For enquiries or reservation, please call 082-223888 or email kuching@hilton.com

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