Union Primary School Char Koay Kak @ George Town, Penang


Orang Panjang said this is his favourite place for Char Koay Kak. As we were driving towards our coffee place, he insisted to stop by for Char Koay Kak even though we were feeling very full from dinner because every time he goes back to Penang, the stall is always closed. When asked the vendor, it is said that they close during the weekends. Which explains why as he always go back over the weekends.


The stall is located right in front of Union Primary School along Jalan Burma. There’s no parking, so parking by the roadside is at your own risk.

Char Koay Kak @ RM6

Penang Char Koay Kak is somewhat similar to Kuching’s Cha Kueh, just that Kuching has 2 version of sweet and salty. Char Koay or Char Kueh is made of rice cakes cut into small pieces, fried in black soy sauce, bean sprouts, eggs and chai poh (preserved turnip). There’s option to add in chili paste for those who prefer their Char Koay spicy. Although the Char Koay Kak look oily, but that can be ignored while eating as we savour the greatly fried up rice cakes and crunchy chai poh.

Only available at night, closed on weekends.

Char Koay Kak
Jalan Burma (in front of Union Primary School)
George Town, Penang

GPS Coordinates: N5 25 23 E100 19 19

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