Tous les Jours @ Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Was in Jakarta sometime early March for a weekend. While shopping in Plaza Indonesia, we came accross Tous les Jours, which is a French-Korean boulangerie.

We stood in front of the bakery for quite sometime, mainly because I need time to stare at this:

Twelve thousand bucks Rupiah for this pastry. That’s a lot of 0s for a pastry.

This little fella kept calling for our names and wanting us to take it, eat it, savour it and digest it. HEEEEEE

Do you think we got it? Before deciding what to get, we walked around the bakery to check the place out. They sell all kinds of bread, pastry, cakes, sandwich and even drinks! Best part is, they have sampling sizes of almost everything they sell. Doing what Malaysians do best, we sampled almost everything and left with… Heh..



Sweet and Savoury Pastries


Pretty cakes



Since it was Strawberry festival, we bought their Strawberry themed pastries:

 Cool Cream Croissant with Strawberry @ Rp. 12,000 (approx. RM4)

Cool Cream Soboro with Strawberry @ Rp. 12,000 (approx. RM4)

I thought that these strawberry pastries will taste sweet… and so sweet. To our surprise, it’s not. It’s decent sweet. Yums. Not only that, the pastry is so fluffly as you bite into it! Not that hard kok kok (the sound you can make for hitting the hard object on a hard surface) type of overnight kind of pastry. LOL

Om nom nom

Of the many things (from the pretty looks and yummy aroma) I like about TLJ, everything here is freshly made, daily. A bit regret we didn’t buy more from TLJ as their pastries were pretty good and Malaysia don’t have. *sobs*

Tous les Jours @ Plaza Indonesia
Lantai 5, Unit E 03-04A,
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Thamrin

Since the last time we had TLJ pastries in Jakarta, we can now relive that pastry moment as the first Tous les Jours outlet in Malaysia has recently opened in Bangsar. *yippee*

So excited that it’s finally opened but we didn’t go in because it was too late. They close at 10pm and we arrived just minutes before the closing time. heh.. Also because we wanted to grab a seat and try out their range of drinks to go with their signature pastries and bread. So, no point to go in and sit for few minutes only. haha..

Finally it’s opened~

Standing outside TLJ just minutes before they close.


I’ll be back.

Tous Les Jours @ Telawi Square
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: Dailty from 7am to 10pm.


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