The Sarawak Rock Party 2009 Part 2

…continuing from the Sarawak Rock Party 2009 Part 1.

Photographers in action

The performing artist of the evening was Season who doubled as the MC of the evening as well.

Season Ting

He sang a few songs from his album. Boy, he’s pretty good. Another Kuching Superstar in the making.

Next up was,


Alex Wong of SingleTrackMind (STM)

Our very own well known local band that made big in the States is Alex Wong. His song was used as the theme song in the movie.


Guest band all the way from Hong Kong, AMS. Their fashion and style is different from us and they’re pretty cool. One of the best band I enjoyed that evening. Again, where can I get their CD?

Swing Habit

Swing Habit had the biggest respond from the audience as though they came to watch them perform only. Hahaha.. Die hard rocker fans!


Another guest band from KL, Lang. They too had responds from the audience, more like the other band members.

A group picha for the album (there are several group pichas but I like this best).

Stole Season’s mic when he was sitting watching the performances. Kehkehkeh..

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