The Fred & Rachel Weekend (Part 2)

Wow! It has been 70 days since Fred and Rachel’s wedding!! I have yet to complete the Part 2 of their big day :S

Anyway, here’s a recap of the wedding banquet which was held at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant in Kepong. Immediately after the morning ceremony, we headed back to the hotel to shower, rest and got ready for dinner. We were grandfully late to the venue as I carelessly made few wrong turnings. Well, the Waze didn’t do a pretty job giving directions and I was too eyed on the road that I didn’t quite look at the map properly.

The location map printed on the wedding invitation card.

Finally, found our way to the restaurant and being a girl has its advantage :) We were escorted by the parking attendant to a special parking while other cars were told to park else where because the car park was full house that evening. #somuchwin

Took this picha of the restaurant as we enter because it looked casino. :lol:

A group picha with (from left to right) Shi Ban, Kelson, Rose, Yours truly, Gladys, Yien and Alester.

Oh, here’s a fair warning… From here onwards, this post will be heavily loaded with pichas, most of the pichas are LOAAAAAADED with self portrait aka camwhoring pichas. So, scroll down at your own risk ;)


The theme of the night was purple and we girls managed to dressed up for it. :D Thanks to Roseling for the dress <3

The ARGH with the beautiful bride, Rachel.

While camwhoring, Marvin joined in! It is supremely rare to have him in pichas as he is very camera shy and it is simply impossible to get him to takepicha with anyone of us. So, having him popping in so randomly in this picha just add gazillion value to this picha :3

#MOTN (Make of the night)

With the pretty ji mui flower corsage

The ARGH taken with Yien’s phone

Another shot taken with Yien’s phone. This is a collage of ARGH and the pretty corsage.

Ok…Ok… Enough SS (syiok sendiri) pichas of us girls. Now, let’s get back to the newly weds.

This is the grand ballroom in Sin Choi Wah, where the wedding banquet was held. It was huge and I think there are like a hundred tables in it!!

Here comes Mr and Mrs Chai, marching into the ballroom with Kaylee the cute flower girl leading in front while dropping petals of roses.

Table settings and each guests get a pair of Chupa Chup lolli! Yums!

The dinner menu which I find very premium :D

Dinner kickstart with Deluxe Five Seasons. A hot platter of delicious deep fried pork fillet, spring rolls and dim sum.

Then, came the tummy warmer of Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat. We added some VSOP to give the soup an extra kick.

The third dish was everyone’s favourite, BBQ Suckling Pig. Crispy skin and tender juicy porkie meat. Slurps~


Steamed “Hong Yun” Fish with Bean Curd Stick

The fish was uber fresh and I love the sauce. Very yummy!

Baked Crystal Prawns with Butter Cream

Braised Fish Maw with Broccoli and Mushrooms

Glutinous Rice with Yam in Lotus Leaf

Sweet Fancy Duets

There’s another dessert, a tong sui (soup dessert) which I missed out taking picha. Anyway, it’s soya so not my type of soup. Kekekeke

The evening’s song entertainment began with Shi Ban. He sang the first song and it was the best song sung throughout the night!

Shi Ban

Gave him flower corsage for the great performance. Everyone clap clap and cheer cheer~!!

In between dinner, both Mr and Mrs Chai were called on stage. Here’s Fred opening the bottle of champagne while Rachel watched her hubby using all his strength to pop the cork out of the bottle.

Together they poured the Champagne into the pyramid-stacked-glasses.

Love this shot!

Cake cutting ceremony.

Immediate family members from both sides joined the couple on stage and giving toasts and chers and yea, there were lotsa “Yum Seng” war there. e

Of course, an official kiss in front of everyone.. lol.. So sweet.

Apart from the good food, we were all treated to unlimited pouring of drinks. Everyone cheered and drank the night away. Even missed the countdown for New Year’s day! Our glasses were never empty. Non-stop pourings of wine, beer and VSOP, and next thing you know, a mixture of all three. No doubt everyone was very much “High” and how “Drunk” some people became. LOL! Even swiped out bits and parts of my memory. *die*

Red Wine

Kelson with Tiger Beer girl

What is a wedding without all the loud crazy high pitch “Yum Seng” war.

The Ji Muis with the Bride

Here comes the Groom, must be more oustanding, so he stand on the chair to Yum Seng.

We took millions of pichas that night and here are some of the pichas… all crazy and fun-filled with laughter sorts. hahaha..

The beautiful ladies on our table with Shirley.

with Rose & Yien

Rachel, Rose and Kelson

with Rachel and Kaylee

From here onwards, you can see the transition of takepichas from ordinary to wilder and crazier.


Yien & Alester – ordinary and sweet shot

Yien, Rachel and Alester – cute and getting crazy

Here’s a candid shot of me, Jerry, Rachel, Rose and Shi Ban, doing our thing. Me complaining to Jerry about something or someone, Rose looks like she’s frantically looking for something or someone, Shi Ban is anti-social. LOL

Last but not least, Rachel’s expression does match the next picha:

A groom’s kiss to his heng dais

It took me minutes to stop laughing at this picha. Dem hilarious!

Bromance at the piggyback level

Of course the bride didn’t want to lose out on her hubby. Hence, a kiss with Rose and LOOK AT SHI BAN!! He looked like he’s going to throw out at the scene. *LOLOLOLOLOLOL*

The heng dai throwing Fred up in the air while cheering him.

Rose and I with Rachel and the bucket of Chupa Chups

This is me in different poses. Note Alester behind me, trying to tickle me or something. Let’s just regard him as the photobomb. LOL

Show off muscle lahhh

Kelson & Rose

Rose & Jerry

Shi Ban & I

Gladys & Shi Ban – aiyerrrr.. sweetness to the max!

This is me trying to agitate Shi Ban since he so stoned. Kekekekeke

Me: Shi Ban follow me! *gejeng gejeng*
Shi Ban: -______-??

Me: Follow laaaa *gejeng gejeng*
Shi Ban: *forcing himself to follow my hand movements* aihhh..

Me: *feeling impatient* Haaaaaaiiiyaaaaaa!

Shi Ban: *grin*

XXX (forgot who sat on the right side of the picha): Participate laaa.. Just layan her.

Shi Ban: Ok looo..
Me: Heeeeeeee :3

A picha with Kelson

And poof! We got a kid. LOL

Rachel, Yien and I all on Kelson

A group picha

Woohoo! Found 2 more bottles of wine!

Yum Seng war between the ji muis and heng dais

with Fred & Rachel… before they went wild.

Dear Fred & Rachel,

You two are one of the best couples (sweet, cute, crazy, loud, kind, generous, down to earth, funny, courageous, friendly, SO MUCH MORE TO LIST LAH) I have ever met, may God grant you a happy married life!



Just look at this newly wed! Hahaha!! Love them to bits. If I’m not mistaken, this is taken right after someone announced that it is already 2013! We totally missed the countdown. hahaha..

I just love this group picha!

My New Year’s FB Cover photo <3

And so, that was how I spent my New Year’s Eve :3 with the newly weds, friends and my ARGH. It was one of the craziest nights we ever had together and I’m missing everyone already!

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