The Fred & Rachel Weekend (Part 1)

Ever since the new year started, I haven’t had the time to pen down my New Year’s Eve event. Right after the new year 2013 started, work has been piling up and dateline for EVERYTHING were just a day or two away from each work. CRAZY! The checklist for things to do has been ticked off and at the same time, more items were added into it. SIGH!

Fred & Rachel

Anyway, regardless of how effing busy I am at work (don’t even have the time to take a break to crap), I’m going snake my way out to write about the wonderful event where the sweet couple (Fred and Rachel) tied the knot on New Year’s Eve and how we all celebrated the two celebrations (Wedding and New Year’s Eve) over the weekend. Double the happiness, double the joy.

Enjoy the uber long post and heavy loading pichas. *grin* Oh, before I forget, I’m going to write about the big day in 2 posts. :)

The color themes for the wedding were yellow for the day and purple for the night. I have a very solemn wardrobe where most of my dresses are either black, white, grey and dark blue. :) Just days before the wedding, I went around shopping for dresses. Found this jumper tube top in Bangsar which costs RM200. Was contemplating whether to get it or not because it was pretty yeng (cool) and also fits the wedding theme. End up leaving the store without it because I was being calculative that I’d probably wear it twice the most. =/

Le ji muis and the bride, Rachel

I felt very honoured at the opportunity to become one of Rachel’s ji mui (sister) along with the ARGH (Rose, Gladys and Yien). We were the “imported” ji muis all the way from Kuching (although I’m residing in KL, but by nature of birth, I’m considered imported).

This is my very first time being a ji mui and attending a full Chinese traditional wedding. I was very excited and also being a jakun at the same time! There were a lot of Chinese customary practices which I am not familiar with. I feel like a fail Chinese. Unlike watching the wedding ceremonies on TV, witnessing the Chinese wedding live was rather spectacular and I asked a lot of questions on this and that. *shy* Thankfully, friends and members of the family came to my aid and fed my curiosity.

For weeks, the ji muis have been planning on the games and dresses for the wedding on Whatsapp and Facebook. And only finalised on the options just the night before the wedding. Talk about being organised. lol

We arrived Rachel’s place after a super quick shopping at Tesco and was late for dinner. After dinner, we hogged the kitchen to prepare the menu for the next day. We were having so much fun preparing the ingredients and at the same time, we were rushing to get everything ready as Rachel’s mum needed to prepare some dishes for the couple as well. RUSH HOUR!

We bought a lot of lemons, limes, mini bittergourd and eggs. Supposed to juice all the lemon and lime for the sour shots, but ended up making special detox juice of lime and bittergourd *evil grin*

Yien cutting the mini bittergourd

To ensure that the juice taste aweful, we dared ourselves to give it a taste. Turns out, the juice was rather refreshing and we enjoyed it. So, to make it less enjoyable for the hengdais, we decided to add cili padi imported from Kuching the next day.

Chilling out at the balcony area and quenching our thirst over 100 Plus and Tiger Beer after all the lemon squeezing, lime juicing and tasting out whipped cream topped with Tabasco sauce.

Despite the late night sleep, we managed to wake up as early as 4am taking turns to use the bathroom.

ARGH all ready to go <3

All pretty in yellow dresses.

We reached Rachel’s place at about 8.30am and she was in the midst of getting ready.

Without further ado, we went into the kitchen and started prepping the ingredients for the games before the groom and his hengdais (brothers) arrive.

Chopping chilies for that extra spice!

While Yien was busy chopping the cili padi which Rose brought from Kuching, I was going around taking pichas. Heh heh heh… Fooled around for a minute or two only lah..

MIL in action!


Then, Rachel’s mum took over the knife and chopping board to get the work done faster. Hahaha.. Thank you, Auntie!

Game on, brothers!

Breakfast is waiting for you all :3

Hot and Spicy Sandwich to start the day. Here we have chili sauce spread with chopped cili padi sandwich for the brothers to warm up.

We had good stuff here! Foreign Extra Guinness which is stronger and bolder than the ordinary Guinness Stout. Boys are getting their nutrients here when we double it up with two eggs in each cup.

I call this the Protein G. Each cup comes with 2 eggs and FEG. Super nutritious!

The Special Cocktail – lemon, lime and bittergourd juice with cili padi and egg.

This is one concoction everyone must not waste as we put in so much effort to make it. Remember the night before we were squeezing the juice out from lemons and juicing both lime and bittergourd together? Yea, those hard works. And because there were so many eggs left and we didn’t wanted to waste it, we added each cup with one. :P

After much waiting in anticipation, the groom, Fred, and his hengdais arrived. We could hear them before seeing them as they were honking their way in. Boys.

A picha of Fred being all cheeky

Hengdais all ready and seated. Serving them the warm breakfast we have prepared for them ;)

Ji Muis vs Heng Dais

Enjoying their sandwich made out of love from all of us ji muis :3

Don’t ask! Just drink the G Juice!!

All shirt off once they were all warmed up. Fai, the captain, couldn’t hold himself any longer. Start licking around…or not? :lol:

A challenge of strength. Blowing 5 balloons each person while doing push ups/pumping. :lol: Only one team made it obediently while the rests couldn’t help showing off their tongue twister (complaining and giving excuses).

And here comes the highlight of the day, the “Whip & Lick” on the Captain! Just weeks before the wedding, the Captain (Ah Fai), dropped us a Video Message. The video is too vulgar to be uploaded on YouTube, not to mentioned to be added in this blog *pissed* Very classic, Ah Fai! Well, #ChallengeAccepted!! The games were not so “extreme” in the first place, but because of the video, we decided to increase the intensity by targeting on the Captain!

Each Heng Dai will receive an envelope containing parts of body to lick! This task is passed to the Groom to distribute the envelopes to his Heng Dai. Their fates are in his hand ;)

Enjoy the “Whip & Lick”…

Boys enjoying “licking” their Captain

They were all such a sport ;) It was so much fun and laughter watching every guys licking off the whipped cream on the very sensitive spots on the Captain.

Due to time constraint (as mentioned by the Kam Jeh, the guy in golden Chinese shirt as seen above), we had to end the games >:( SO UNHAPPY! Since there were still so many “Special Cocktails” on the table, we settled with the hengdais to down the remaining cocktails. Talk about equality. *shrugs*

Done with the games, we now have to guard the gate. This is where we try to rip off the groom for more ang pow (red envelopes containing cash) before we let him into the house. It was a long haggle and AGAIN due to time constraint (according to Kam Jeh), leniency took place and in they came.

Just outside the bride’s room, another toll need to be paid. Before that, hengdais get to try their luck in helping the groom to unlock the door by finding the room key from the bucket of ice.

Hehe.. Of course, we didn’t make it that EASY for them to find the key when the actual key is NOT in the bucket ;) Hence, another round of ang pow negotiation. But the groom managed to enter the bride’s room without paying because his Mother-in-law hinted the room key!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! The anticipation for more ang pow has been killed by the MIL’s love :(

Finally reunited after all the ji muis and hengdais war.

The sweetest yet ever loving couple I’ve ever met. Wishing Fred and Rachel all the happiness in this world!

Now, here comes the husband and wife ceremony. First is to bow to the Gods and pray for blessings.

Next, the ancestors.

Just before the tea ceremony began, the ARGH hurried to take a quick picha with the newly weds :D

Tea ceremony began with serving tea to Rachel’s mum and late father.

After that is the gift presentation to the newly weds.

Next up is tea ceremony serving Rachel’s aunties and uncles and also gift presentation by them.

After the tea ceremony to the higher generation, both Fred and Rachel sat down and it was their turn to be served with tea by the younger ones, such as Rachel’s younger sisters and cousins and etc..

We had to leave the bride’s place to go to the groom’s place as the time has come. We all went down and took some pichas in front of the bridal car.

Beautiful Rachel seated in the car and ready to go to her new home.

Here’s Fred posing in front of his house.

Praying and tea ceremony upon arrival at Fred’s place. After lunch and tea ceremony with Fred’s family, we headed up to the newly wed’s bedroom.

Photoshooting in the bridal’s room

Group picha of the newly weds with jimuis and hengdais

A picha with Tiger <3

After all the chaos in the bedroom (crazy takepichas moment and all that), we all left and headed home to rest and got ready for the wedding reception. That will be in the next post. Look forward to it!

P/S: Thanks to Gladys, Kelson and Yien for the pichas taken using their cameras, which I leeched from Facebook to complete this post *grins*

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