The Butterfly Project Girls Night Out @ TGV Indulge, One Utama

Happy First Anniversary to The Butterfly Project Malaysia!

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (32)
MsBulat, Caroline & Tammy

The Butterfly Project (TBP)’s first birthday was celebrated at INDULGE @ TGV Cinemas, One Utama. It was a night to remember and also one of its kind of evening, themed Glamours Girls Night Out. Everyone dressed up glamorously enough to kill. As Tammy (founder of TBP) said, “People will stare, make IT worth their while.”


The venue couldn’t be any more perfect than the newly launched, INDULGE by TGV One Utama and fit perfectly with theme of the night. The interior features the rich purple and silver facade which provides a distinct element of class to the lounge and dining area. INDULGE has its own private ticketing counter, lounge and dining area as well as two exclusive cinema halls.


Bringing you a whole new cinema experience and indulge with class.

Dining Area 2Lounge

The lounge and dining area has a very sophisticated ambience serenaded by jazz tunes in the background. So, you could sit down and relax over a meal or drinks while waiting for your movie.

cheese123cheese123 (1)

Right outside the entrance, we have 123Cheese Photobooth exclusively for the butterflies. There were so many props to take pictures with and I’m amused with the banana and watermelon headband! So cute!!

Thank you, 123Cheese for the amazing pitcures. These are among the pictures taken from 123Cheese Photobooth. You can view the whole album here.

MUSE by Watsons

Inside, we have Muse by Watson booth set up for us to check out the newly introduced product range from Indeed Laboratories that is exclusively available at muse by Watson.

MUSE by Watsons (1)

MUSE by Watsons (2)

Each of us were given products that suitable for our skin to try out. Thank you Muse by Watsons.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (17)
Virgin Grape Mojito

A toast to The Butterfly Project! Happy First Anniversary and many more to come. Let’s hit off with our dinner…

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (5)
Smoked Duck Salad

For starters, we had thinly sliced smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum and skewed with kiwi and balsamic dressing. The smoked duck salad was delicious. Quite a smart combination of smokey duck and kiwi.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (2)
Pumpkin Salad

I didn’t fancy the Pumpkin Salad because I’m not a fan of pumpkin. Served with the Rocket leaves with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and capsicums, with Balsamic dressing. However, I enjoyed the rocket leaves with the dressing.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (6)
Stuffed Potato Skins

The Stuffed Potato Skins got our votes overall. Crispy potato skin stuffed with turkey bacon and mozzarella cheese got us asking for more, but we’re saving the tummy space for more INDULGEnce.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (12)
Lamb Koftas

Round shaped Lamb Koftas served with green salad and mint sauce. The lamb patties were a tad chewy and the spices were too strong for my liking.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (10)
Grilled Salmon

For main course, we sampled 3 dishes of fish, chicken and lamb. The Grilled Salmon is served with lemon butter sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Although, the salmon looked a tad dry  but it was alright with the lemon butter sauce over it.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (8)
Grilled Lamb Rack

The Grilled Lamb Rack is served with potato wedges, seasonal vegetables and choice of sauces; rosemary, mushroom or black pepper sauce. Surprisingly, the grilled lamb rack is really tender, juicy and succulent.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (1)
Cajun Chicken

The Cajun Chicken consists of grilled boneless chicken thigh with Cajun seasoning, served with potato wedges.

The main dishes turned out really well.  *Thumbs up*

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (3)
Panna Cotta
TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (9)
Nutty Tortilla Banana

Our desserts consist of Panna Cotta and Nutty Tortilla Banana. Both were served in the cinema hall.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (20)
A quick group shot with Lulu, Swee San, Choulyin, Chow YinYin, Mistress and I
MUSE by Watsons (4)
Cindy, Caroline and Sabrina won top 3 Best Dress Awards

Before heading to the cinema hall, there was a surprise announcement for Best Dress Awards! I’m so proud of my Mistress, Caroline for winning on of the Top 3! She won a beauty hamper from Muse by Watsons. Congrats to Cindy and Sabrina as well.

After the prize presentation, we were escorted to the cinema hall to catch our movie, Lucy.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (21)

TGV Cinemas is known for their delicious round and crispy popcorns and just looking at those golden brown popcorn makes you crave for them no matter how full we were from dinner. I don’t mind having these to snack along while watching the movie.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (22)

Just take my money and give me one now!

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (23)

 The hallway to the cinema halls. Very classy and there’s even couch outside the hall for those waiting for their movie dates.

Cinema hall

There are 2 exclusive cinema halls in INDULGE that are fitted with reclining chairs and personalized call-waiter-service that can accommodate 32 and 40 pax respectively.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (26)
personalized call-waiter-service

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (29)

Dressed in glamour, we need not worry about being cold in the cinema hall as each seats come with comfy comforter to keep us warm and cozy throughout the movie. The reclining chairs were so comfortable and even though we were seated at the first row, we were able to enjoy watching the entire movie at our most comfortable position. It’s so comfortable, you could even cuddle with your movie date.

TGV Indulge X ButterflyMsia (28)

Our desserts were served in the cinema hall. Talk about dining in the dark! Finally get to experience it first hand. #laughbisu

butterflymsia tammy

It was such a memorable night as I get to meet the other butterflies and catching up with familiar butterflies over the 10-course fine dining meal, and later follow up with a movie, Lucy. All these done in one venue – INDULGE, TGV in One Utama shopping mall. Needless to say, INDULGE offers not only a classy and luxurious cinematic experience but also a great venue for private functions as such.

Thank you to Tammy, TBP, TGV Cinemas, 123Cheese and Muse by Watsons for the wonderful night.

TGV INDULGE operates daily from 11am and tickets are priced at RM45 (excluding food and beverages). For more information about INDULGE and ticket bookings, please log on to or via TGV Cinemas’ Movie Buddy app which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

(One Utama’s Old Wing)
EZ101, 3rd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 1 300 222 TGV (848)

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