Sweet Bean @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

I’ve been eating porridge in most of my meals. So much so, I even dream about eating porridge in my sleep! Since the day I got my braces on, I’ve been craving for Nandos for many many days (can only stare at the pichas but can’t eat :().

So, last weekend, Hik brought me to Sweet Bean, SS2 for this delicious Herbal Porridge for a change. He said that the porridge is one of the most delicious one he tasted, simply because he love herbal tasted food lah. :roll:



Sweet Bean serves various kinds of dessert and tong sui (soup based dessert), as well as other course meals (from rice to noodles, Western and Oriental cuisines).

They have set lunch from RM8.90, from 12noon to 3pm (from Set A to Set F).

#Set A @ RM8.90

Set A: A choice of Dry or Soup Wanton Mee, Steamed Chicken Mee, or BBQ Honey Chicken Mee.


BBQ Honey Chicken Mee (Dry)

Every lunch set comes with jelly and drink or tong sui (sweet soup).


Jelly of the day: Guilingao


 Beancurd Sheet with Barley

Too bad there’s no porridge in any of their set lunch. So, I ordered from the ala carte menu.


Hot Honey Lemon

Ordered their Hot Honey Lemon, which turns out to be so so so so very sweet like their name! LOL

Had to ask for hot water to dilute the drink. Read reviews of the place on foursquare. Many commented that the drinks and tong sui were very sweet. Well, my guess is that they are serving as according to what they are named after :P


Herbal Porridge

This is my first time having this Herbal Porridge. The closest thing I’ve eaten is Herbal Soup with rice in it. This is porridge in herbal soup (in a way).

The herbal porridge has various Chinese herbal ingredients (Tong Kai, goji berries and some herbal root stuff), mushroom and chicken.


I’m no fan of Herbal soup (especially those very strong black herbal soup). Although this porridge has strong Tong Kai taste, but the porridge tastes really good.

Now, I know where to get my healthy serving of porridge whenever I feel lazy to make my own :)

Sweet Bean
No.27, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7873 8370

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