Steam N Grill Burger @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

Local home brand burger joints are mushrooming in Klang Valley like nobody’s business. Try look around Subang Jaya SS15, there are at least 10 burger joints there (including those burger trucks). Most of them claim their meat patty and even buns are homemade and some came up with their own recipe, be it locally or westernised.

Not missing out, we have Steam N Grill Burger Restaurant which has the vision to create and healthy burger restaurant that offer a unique variety of Local Malaysian Specialty burger. In other words, a local cuisine type of burgers. Think about our Malaysian local dish such as Nasi Serunding and imagine that in a burger form. This is what Steam N Grill is offering to us Malaysians. A home grown brand burger restaurant with the aim to serve high quality food in a hip environment with lasting appetite appeal to people of all ages.

Steam N Grill restaurant is located at Setiawalk, Puchong. The outlet is situated at the first floor, just above Affin Bank. It is easy to locate if you’re familiar with Setiawalk, otherwise, just search for Brussels (Affin Bank is just behind it). There are buntings and posters of Steam N Grill but they are weak at given directions. We got lost following the buntings. =/


It looks like a fast food chain with the Self Service concept where you make your order and pay at the same time at the cashier. Once payment made, you’ll be given the UFO which is a pager, so, you can grab a seat while waiting for your food. The restaurant also provides WIFI free for all customers.

UFO Pager

Simple and straight forward overhead menu

There are 4 types of buns to choose from; Original, Charcoal, Wholemeal and Spinach. Steam N Grill Burger claims that their buns are 100% naturally yeast with no preservatives and colourings. Everything they use are of natural ingredients to suit our Malaysian taste.

Satay Chicken Burger @ RM10.50 | RM17 (Set)

Thick chicken patty coated with rich satay sauce. If you’re a fan of satay, you’ll absolutely enjoy this. Savouring every single drop of the sauce, it can be messy, but worth licking your fingers. Black bun means charcoal bun, not burnt bun.

Otak-Otak Burger @ RM11 | RM16 (Set)

The otak-otak is said to be sourced all the way from Muar! Really really good otak-otak. Doesn’t taste fishy and has a slight spicy end. This is pretty good. Recommended to those who love otak-otak. This one we had with the Wholemeal bun.

Serunding Beef Burger @ RM12 | RM17 (Set)

My favourite among all the burgers we had is this Serunding Beef Burger. Serunding is like a type of meat floss and usually found in big events such as Malay wedding banquet. To put it simple, it tasted like pulled beef the Malay version. Really tender and succulent meat. Flavours are well balanced, mild sweet and savoury. I would like to have one of this anytime of the day. We had it with the Original Bun.

Begedil Burger @ RM9.80 | RM14.50 (set)

Begedil is a type of potato patty usually found in Malay cuisine. When I first heard of it, I was like, how can? And sure they can. Since it’s all veggie, we opted for Spinach bun. So veggie! I’m not a fan of this one especially after having the Serunding Burger.

Classic beef burger @ RM11 | RM15.50 (Set)

If you’re not sure which burger to try and not keen to explore, go for the Classic burger range (choice of chicken and beef). The Classic beef burger is pretty good. The patty is pretty compact and well seasoned. Also not a fan of this just because I had their best, Serunding Beef Burger.

Yes, you must try their Serunding Beef Burger. It’s just so good!

Upgrade to set with drinks and chips to make it a meal.

Thick cut fries comes with either Cheese or Wasabi mayo. The Cheese mayo lacks cheesiness, while the wasabi mayo is actually pretty good. Mild wasabi flavour but has a “high” taste-end hint of wasabi 😉 you know what I mean.

Tom Yum Spaghetti @ RM12.90

Meanwhile, we still had room for a plate of pasta to share and decided to give the Tom Yum Spaghetti a try. I’m impressed! Although it doesn’t really look very appetising but it is packed with authentic tom yum flavours. Heck! They even added fresh lemongrass slices into the spaghetti for that extra impactful kick!

Ice Cream

If you need dessert, they have ice cream made of natural ingredients as well. Heard that they don’t make these themselves, but outsourced from another party.

Ok, now I’m craving for a Serunding Beef Burger. Wish they do delivery so I can have it now. Teehee..

Business Hours
Tuesdays – Thursdays: 11.30am – 9.30pm
Fridays – Sundays: 10 am – 11pm
Opens on Holidays, Closed on Mondays

Steam N Grill Burger Restaurant
J-03A-1, Setiawalk
Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong
43300 Selangor

GPS Coordinates: 3.031578, 101.617049


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