Special Offer 50% Discounts on Drinks @ bing! coffee, Premier 101, Kuching

I used to hangout in bing! a lot when I was still living in Kuching. I still do….occasionally when I return to Kuching for a short trip. Last weekend, we went to bing! at Premier 101 which is along Jalan Tun Jugah for late lunch before sending me off at the airport.

bing! Coffee is a local grown coffee chain just like Starbucks but a more localised version. And Kuchingnites usually don’t come here for coffee (in my POV) but for their ice blended or smoothies. Spend hours in the outlet chit chatting with friends and leeching on their wifi. =X

Because Kuchingnites’ mindset is, why would I pay RM8 for a flavoured tea bag/hot coffee when I can get a big tall glass of Ice Blended drink with a few extra ringgit. 

Nothing much has changed. Everything still look the same. Drinks menu still the same. But it looks like they have expanded on their food menu. Before I decided to order, the first question I asked was, “Got red mango or not?”. Well, here’s the story about bing!’s red mango:

This is Red Mango smoothies in case you’re wondering *hehe*

I was first introduced to this delicious and refreshing Red Mango by my cousin, Gladys, many many years ago. It has been a trend in bing! for having the item in the menu BUT hardly has the ingredients to make it *golek mata sepenuh masa (roll eyes full time)*

When I was told that they have red mango, I proceeded to explore the food menu.

What caught my attention while making my order was this special offer of 50% discounts on drinks for every purchase of bing! product (ala carte food).

So, we ordered based on my brother’s recommendations of beef lasagna and somethingpanini (I swear that’s what he said). He then ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese. What the.. Flipped the menu to look for the somethingpanini which turns out to be a BAMBINI. haha.. Nice bro…

Red Mango @ RM7.75 (after 50% off, NP: RM15.50)

Tiramisu @ RM7 (after 50% off, NP: RM14)


Our drinks were served to our table. Drinking water is also available at the counter, that’s self service. The Red Mango was pretty disappointing. It no longer taste as sweet and as rich as it used to. Am doubting the same mango used here T3T. The Tiramisu on the other hand was alright, well, it can’t go wrong since the ingredients are all properly measured. Same for the mocha.

Beef Lasagna @ RM16

The beef lasagna is actually pre-cooked, well all their food here is practically pre-cooked and they just heat them up in the oven. I find the lasagna pretty good and value for money for the portion and even comes with a salad and homemade salsa on the side. The salad and salsa were over seasoned and I don’t like the idea of having black pepper sprinkled all over the greens.

Spaghetti Bolognese @ RM13

The Spaghetti Bolognese was pretty good but it took them the longest to prepare.

Bambini @ RM11

After seeing the first 2 dishes, I had a high expectation on the Bambini……only to be served in an effortless plating of toasted cheese-dough bread with roasted lamb leg and lettuce with mustard and panini sauce.

The bambini was alright.

Everyone liked the trio sauce of mustard sauce and panini sauce, but I only liked the mustard sauce.

With the special offer, it does give a great savings when dining in bing!

The Special Offer 50% off is valid till 31st March 2014. So, here’s your chance to drink your favourite/prefered bing! drinks at half the price while filling up your tummy!

Opening hours
Fridays to Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays: 10am – 1 am (mid-night)
Sundays to Thurdays: 10am – 12 am (mid-night)

bing! Coffee
Lots 228, 1020-1079 & 1080 Block 16,
Premier 101, Jalan Tun Jugah,
Kuching, Sarawak.

GPS Coordinates: 1.516526, 110.353463

Website: http://www.bingcoffee.com/

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