Songket Restaurant @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

If you are looking for a nice ambiance restaurant that serves a great deal of authentic traditional Malaysian dishes, look no further, Songket Restaurant is the place. Songket Restaurant serves fine Traditional Malay cuisine. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

“Songket” in Bahasa Melayu means traditional hand-woven fabric (silk or cotton). A picture of how Songket looks like:

Songket Restaurant is located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, which is very near KLCC. Just beside Jelita Court.

Location map link.

This is how the restaurant looks like:

The restaurant is spacious and there are indoor and outdoor seatings. If you prefer to have some privacy (say for discussion meetings or private events), you can request for the VIP rooms.

Although the restaurant highlights on traditional Malay cuisine, the restaurant serves a menu of various drinks. From fruit juices to mocktails.

As much as I’d like to talk more about the food and drinks, I shall leave the pichas to do the talking :D

Cucur udang @ RM10
“Crisp morsels of deep fried prawn and vegetable strips in light batter and served with homemade chili sauce.”


Otak-otak @ RM12
“Steamed seafood mousse with kaduk leaf.”

Soft and flavourful. The texture is like steamed egg.


Satay @ RM18
“Eight pieces of skewered chicken and beef fillet marinated in spiced honey & grilled over a charcoal fire.”

Delicious beef and chicken satay. Mind you these satays are meaty and unlike those skinny satay or fatty satay we get on the streets.

Pegedil @ RM10
“Fried potato patties filled with minced chicken and served with homemade chili sauce.”


Kerabu mangga @ RM12
“Young mango salad tossed in a spicy homemade dressing”
Kerabu pucuk paku @ RM12
“Salad of wild fern shoots tossed in homemade dressing”


Ayam lemak asam gelugur @ RM23
“Pieces of chicken simmered in a spicy gravy of chilies, turmeric, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk”


Ayam sambal petai @ RM28
“Fried chicken sautéd in a spicy sauce of chilies with tomato and stink beans.”


Rusuk panggang @ RM60
“Chargrilled marinated short ribs served with pegedil, spicy sweet soy sauce and sambal belacan.”

This is one of the highlighted dish in Songket.

Tender and juicy beef ribs. *nom nom*

So yummy till licking every drop of sauce from the bone. lol


Ikan siakap masam manis @ RM60
“Sweet and sour deep fried seabass with turmeric and kaffir lime sauce.”

Not forgetting, fish talk is a must when seeing fish head.


Udang Masak Lemak

Assam Prawns

I love prawns, and these prawns are very fresh and delicious! Need to pep talk the prawns before eating them. teehee


Nasi kerabu RM8
“White rice tossed with finely chopped raw vegetables and herbs.”


Pandan nasi lemak RM6
“Special light green coconut rice from Songket Restaurant with aromatic pandan leaf served with deep fried anchovies, peanut and sambal.”

Nasi minyak RM6
“Spiced fragrant rice served with fruit relish.”


Live entertainment

Familiar outfit…. The Sarawak Native’s costume. Teehee

A picha with the Malay Cultural Dancers

Desserts here are unique on their own and also the highlights in the menu.

Durian tiramisu RM15
“Traditional tiramisu flavored with creamy durian.”

I love tiramisu and durian, having both in a slice is like having a combo feast!


Sago gula Melaka RM10
“A Malaysian classic – chilled sago served with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.”

Would be great if there’s a hole in the middle of the sago, with coconut milk pool in it and lotsa brown sugar. Bliss~

Pandan pudding RM10
“Cream pudding infused with fragrant pandan leaves and palm sugar syrup.”

The pandan pudding is superb! So delicate and I had 2 servings of it! hoho..

Caramel cake RM15
“Steamed caramel sponge cake served with a shot of caramelized palm sugar and coconut ice cream.”

Songket Restaurant is a nice place for fine dining. Apart from that, it’s also a nice to hangout for a drink and absolutely love their desserts (especially the pandan pudding) :3



Songket Restaurant

No. 29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Email :,

Dining Reservation / Enquiry : 03-2161 3331 / 012-366 0111

Facebook: Songket Restaurant

Opening Hours : Mon – Fri 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Opening Sat, Sun & PH 5pm – 11pm

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