Roti Jala Kak Salmiah @ RM3

I never skipped breakfast. Normally, I’ll pack something from home or make something at work. Then, I heard from my colleagues that one of our colleague, Kak Salmiah is selling food in the office. She has a set of weekly menu which she will email to those who are interested to buy from her. When my colleague told me that Wednesdays is Roti Jala, I immediately asked them to help me order.

That Wednesday morning, I was so eager to reach office early because Roti Jala Kak Salmiah is waiting for me. Heh.. I even updated on Twitter and Facebook about it. See how motivated I am to go to work now?

This pack of Roti Jala costs RM3 only and I find it cheap! Because there are like 7 pieces of Roti Jala and a big pack of kuah normally known as curry.

With RM3, I have 7 pieces of Roti Jala and chicken curry with real chicken and potatoes! The Roti Jala is soft and fluffly just the way I like it and the curry is so concentrated with spices and no discounted ingredients. So yummy, ok! For a slim *cough cough* person like me, I couldn’t finish the whole thing in one meal. I finished it in 2 meals – breakfast and lunch. So, I actually spent RM1.50 per meal that day. :lol:

The next time you see my tweet or facebook update sounding superbly excited to go to work on Wednesdays, you now know the reason.

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