Renoma Cafe Gallery @ Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

When I was told that dinner will be at Renoma Cafe Gallery, I was stunned for a second. Hey, isn’t Renoma the brand for men’s underwear? I sure hope we’re not served with underwear on a plate.

Silly me.

Renoma is Parisian label which was established by Fashion designer, Maurice Renoma, who expresses art through clothing, and later through objects (furniture and crockery). Today, RENOMA fashion becomes an Art-form with less than conventional styles which is defined as artistry and cosmopolitan. So, now I know that Renoma is not just the brand for undies but also fashion clothing apparels and accessories but also furnitures! And to date, Renoma is also a brand in Food and Beverage which they recently just added in the brand portfolio since year 2001 with their very first Renoma Cafe Gallery in Paris.


Renoma Cafe Gallery is a showcase for the philosophy of Maurice Renoma: The Stylist, Designer and Scenographer, who is always in sync with the latest fashion and design trends, and enrobes this space in his visionary and sometimes scandalous imagery.

And lucky for us Malaysians, we have the very first Renoma Cafe Gallery (RCG) in Asia, located right in the heart of KL city!

We had a quick tour in RCG before sitting down for a drink and dinner.

This is the ground floor of RCG. As we enter, we were welcomed by the Champ Gallerie which is the gallery area where RENOMA fashion apparels are being displayed. Currently, the apparels here are for display only, however, in future there will be some for sale.

I love the interior and ambiance. The whole concept is exactly the same as RCG in Paris and only the menu differs. Interesting. :)

The furnitures were individually designed and custom made, and there are only a piece of each! They are all NeoFusion design based and according to Renoma’s hybrid creations into a glamorous example of avant-garde design. I notice a lot of ostrich, horse and antelope wearing suits!

As we move up, we notice some photographs displayed along the wall. These are Renoma’s collection of photographs.

George V Suite- VIP room

On the first floor is where the George V Suite- VIP room is located. The room is spacious and has a big round dining table on one side, common area with Renoma’s art furniture, its own personal bar and restroom!

The Salon Lounge is located at the terrace area. There are dart machines up here! Soon, there will be a pool table as well. What a great place to chill and hangout with buddies.

Making our way down while admiring the photographs. Basically, there is a piece of art every where you turn your head.

There’s even work of art painted on the tall wall outside the cafe. Love the work.

Renoma Cafe Gallery’s Menu

As we were seated, we were each given the menu and we briefly went through it. There are 4 sections of the menu – Starters (Les Entrees), Main Courses (Les Plats), Desserts (Les Desserts) and Drinks (Les Bossons). They also have wine menu. Do ask for it.

Renoma Cafe Gallery’s Cupcakes

We had cupcakes. Their cupcakes are not only beautiful to look at but also very delicious! Especially the red velvet cupcake *love* Simply soft and fluffy and the cream cheese frosting *to die for*

From the drinks menu, I’m impressed with the selection of drinks they serve. From fruit juice to mocktails to cocktails to beers and liquors and so much more!


Mojito is one refreshing cocktail and a great one to start the night.

Classic Margarita

I absolutely love Renoma’s Margarita! It has been ages since I had such a good mix of Margarita and not to mention such consistency! I had a few servings and the Margaritas tastes consistence! Awesome.

So coming back for Margaritas 3

Renoma’s Prestige Cuvee – Grand vin De Bordeaux @ RM225

Renoma’s French Wine with own brand packaging. This is a very exclusive wine and only can be found in Renoma Cafe Gallery. The wine is perfect to go with red meat, seafood and even pasta.

RCG’s home-baked bread that is very delicious! The outer layer may looked hard and chewy, but the inside is very soft and fluffy. An absolute starter with bread spread over it. *yums*

Assorted Canapes @ RM20

The Assorted Canapes features  “Forest, Sea and Farm” and on each toasted brioche (French bread) sits each of the elements: forest mushroom ragout, smoked Scottish salmon, beef pastrami, and air-dried Muscovy duck. This is a perfect appetizer to go with Renoma’s French wine and also a great way to kick-start a meal.

Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad @ RM28

Cured Muscovy Duck is not a sick duck and that went through medication. “Curing” is a term for meat processing such as preserving. The salad looks exquisite and the beautiful egg resting in the middle of the salad looked like it will explode any moment. Just imagine the gooey egg yolk pouring out to add richness and creaminess into the salad! I love the greens used here. The cute little cucumbers looked like mini watermelons.

Mouth watering balance salad of meat and greens.

Nicoise Salade with Scottish Salmon @ RM28

Everyone had a go in trying to pronounce the name of this salad correctly. Nicoise (ni-swaz) Salade consists of salad leaves with smoked Scottish salmon, grilled artichoke, heirloom tomatoes, anchovies, quail egg and red wine vinaigrette. Almost like a seafood platter with greens.

Forest Mushroom & Foie Gras @ RM22

The moment this sat on the table, the fragrant of the soup was already interpreted in my brain as to how delicious this Forest Mushroom and Foie Gras soup would be! This soup is rich, creamy and flavourful containing Velouté of Black Trumpet, Oyster and Cepe Mushroom with Goose Liver Purée and Crème Porcini.

Rock Lobster Bisque @ RM32

The Rock Lobster Bisque is a delicious thick broth served with rock lobster medallion, sugar snap peas, crispy whitebait, and a dash of spicy cream. The soup is slightly too salty for my liking, but this would be perfect if eaten with their home-baked bread.

Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée (French Onion Soup) @ RM20

The French Onion Soup is a classic Parisian dish of caramelised onion in beef bouillon, topped with toasted bread and generous amount of melted gruyere cheese. Delicious!

Mini Snails Parcels (Feuilletés d’Escargots de Bourgogne) @ RM18

Delicious oven baked Burgundy Escargot in puff pastry served with lotus root chips, micro cress and sauce Madere.

Pan-seared Foie Gras @ RM78

One of the highlighted entrees (appetizers) seen in the menu is the Pan-seared Foie Gras. A whole piece of foie gras weighing 120g sitting in the middle of the plate served with tropical fruit compote, compressed grapes and fine mix salad.

Croque Madame @ RM28

It is said that there are two versions of this entrees; Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur. This is Croque Madame as it has poached egg on top which result looking like a lady’s hat.

This baby is filled Gruyère Cheese, Cured Beef, Muscovy Duck, Turkey Ham and Black Truffle Egg, and served with mix salad on the side.

The yolk. Rich and creamy, makes you want to lick the plate after finishing the sandwich.

L’Artisan Burger @ RM 58

Napolean once said, “An army marches on its stomach.”

The L’Artisan Burger is served with nothing else except mixed salad and sauce on the side. The patty is huge and thick! This is great for sharing and would be very filling for one.

The thick-ass patty is made of 220g grass-fed Beef and rillette (similar with pate) of Muscovy duck with a piece of foie gras stuffed in the middle.

A quarter of this could me alive for a day!

Pommes Frites (Hand-cut Potato Fries) @ RM14

In between meals, I took a quick shot with the chair I’m seated, with Monsieur Cow. The chair is so glam, it’s impossible to whore with it :D

Carre d’Agneau a l’Orientale (Oriental Rack of Lamb) @ RM60

One of my favourite would be this Oriental Rack of Lamb. Perfectly char-grilled and glazed lamb rack served with panache of vegetables and deliciously sauteed shimeji mushroom. The lamb is juicy and succulent and delicious on its own. Don’t need mint sauce or any other sauces to eat it with.

Boeuf Bourguignon (Slow-braised Beef Cheek) @ RM58.


Ribeye Wagyu @ RM128

Cod Meuniere @ RM62

Coq au Vin ( Burgundy Style Spring Chicken) @ RM36

Homard Thermidor (Rock Lobster Thermidor) @ RM148

Rock Lobster Thermidor is a traditional classic lobster dish from Paris. I learned from the other foodies that it was supposed to be served with the shell but I guess the chef took away the shells so that we don’t have to battle with it. Haha..

Peach Melba @ RM18

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant @ RM20

Orange Vanilla Creme Brulee @ RM18

Le Cafe Gourmand @ RM18

Chef Alven Tan (Chef de Cuisine) & Chef Amanda Lim (Chef Patisserie)


Renoma Cafe Gallery
Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2143 9919

Opening Hours
Sunday – Tuesday: 12pm – 11pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm till 1 am

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