Ramadhan Buffet @ Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang Jaya

Last night I had a very fulfilling dinner at Holiday Villa, Subang. Thanks to Holiday Villa Hotel for the invitation to have a taste of their Ramadhan Buffet. It was a massive Ramadhan bazaar in the hotel! The buffet was held from Palm Terrace to Victoria Ballroom to Cibo Italian Restaurant. In other words, every single spot of the hotel was taken up for the bazaar.

Ramadhan Bazaar @ Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang Jaya

There were like 270 types of food catered at the Ramadhan Bazaar! There were mostly the local delicacies from the norm; Ulam, nasi harum, curry, rendang, salai and panggang, kebab, satays, kuih-muih, cakes, cendol, and etc.. Apart from that, there were also a mixture of Japanese, Italian and Western cuisine at the Ramadhan Bazaar.

See it for yourself:

Buffet per pax is from RM73++ (excluding taxes).

And as much as I tried, I didn’t manage to sample all the food they had! At this point, I wish I’m a cow with 4 stomachs (no pun intended). Anyway, these are pichas of the many rounds of plates of food I had last night:


Round #1: Roasted meat, sashimi, sushi, fried noodles, etc



Round #2: Salad & Ulam



Round #3: Curry, Rendang, etc with rice



Round #4: Seafood platter



Prawn, Oyster, Clam <3



Round #5: Desserts



DIY Ice Kacang with no kacang



grass jelly, syrup jelly, ice, syrup and creamer


A group picha with everyone I “berbuka puasa” with:


Buka puasa buddies

From the Holiday Villa Hotel: Edelina, Kenneth, and Thristhan.

Fellow bloggers: BeautifulNara’s sis & friend, David, Feeq, Lilian, Marcus, Nicole, and Rebecca.

Nice meeting you all~!


P/S: Holiday Villa Hotel is organising a video competition.

For more info, check it out at their website here.

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