Penang Char Koay Teow and Muachi

Two weekends ago, I was in Penang (yes, again :P) for Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner (which I will be writing about soon). This round, I was traveling with more exclusive media people :O from magazines and premium bloggers.

A picha of Umei, Chengyi and Wilson at Subang Skypark departure hall while waiting for our flight. It was a great privilege to travel with them as they are friendly, chatty, funny and knowledgeable (in many things especially of food and travel).

As soon as we arrived Penang airport, we were transported to G Hotel, where we were accommodated for the night. Love this hotel much for its comfy bed <3

A few hours before the dinner event, I had my dose of Char Koay Teow (CKT) from Gurney Drive. A must have when in Penang. Every time I’m in Penang, I sure must MUST must MUST have at least a plate of CKT. Obviously, my favourite Penang food is none other than CKT and Chee Cheung Fun being the second and the list goes on..

Although this CKT is not as good as the ones we had 3 weeks back (where we mixed Hennessy XO), it is still a delicious CKT you can get in Penang (anyhow also better than KL’s and much cheaper).

Super love Penang’s CKT lah.. Always got huge fresh prawns! <3<3<3

This time round, I get to taste the delectable Muachi which Bok always bragged proudly about (proud Penangnite..mehhh).

The Muachi uncle worked his charm from this special case where he will cut the glutinous rice into cubes and mix them in roasted ground peanut and sesame. Back home (in Kuching), we only can find this Homemade during the Tang Yuan (Winter Solstice) festival. Where we will mix glutinous flour with water, roll them into small little balls and boil them before coating them with ground peanut and sugar or eaten just with the sweetened soup.

Delicious soft glutinous balls coated with ground peanuts and sesame and topped with fragrant fried onions. Yums!

Feels like Tang Yuan the moment I ate this. Hahaha..

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