Pasar Malam @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

It has been a long long time since I last set foot in Pasar Malam (night market) at Taman Connaught, Cheras. So, one Wednesday evening, we went to Taman Connaught after talking about all the things I missed in Pasar Malam some weeks ago.

Pasar Malam @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam is by far the longest one in Klang Valley, or maybe there are other longer ones which I’ve yet to visit yet. Let me know! Only opens on Wednesdays.

The Pasar Malam is always crowded! When we arrived, the weather was pretty good – no rain and cool air. Soon later, it rained!! Curses! Good thing we brought umbrella, otherwise we will have to walk under the rain like a wet duck. Quack!

Managed to snap pichas of things we saw and ate…..until the rain comes in. It became inconvenient and everyone was either running or pushing to get through the crowd, with or without umbrella and it was a wet wet wet and humid agenda. Dem!

Kuih Muih

Kuih Muih

Kuih Muih

There’s this stall which sells a wide varieties of Kuih. From steamed to fried to BBQ. You name it.

Curry & Tom Yum Fishballs

What is a Pasar Malam without the sight of Curry Fishballs! Now, improvised already. They are also selling Tom Yum flavoured fishballs.

Selling at RM1.00 a stick, I got myself a Tom Yum flavored one since it’s new to me. Heh..

*om nom nom* Nothing special about the fishballs. Just some fried fishballs on a stick simmered in Tom Yum soup.

Chuka Idako with dressings/sauces

Another popular item in Pasar Malam is this Chuka Idako (Japanese baby octopus) soaked with dressings or sauces like wasabi mayo, just mayo, honey, spicy sauce, etc.. We bought the wasabi one and again, there’s nothing special about it. No wasabi kick!

All the deep fried: Hash Browns, Sausages, Fish Fillets, Chicken Wings

Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken

Go Pasar Malam must eat Uncle Bob fried chicken, but this one is so disappointing. *sad*

Taiwan Sausages @ RM1.70

Cute cartoon pancakes selling at RM0.70 a piece and RM3.50 for 6.

Melody and Hello Kitty

 Pikachu I choose u! (Because Doraemon and Hello Kitty are overrated) *pika pikaaa*

This is Okonomiyaki a type of Japanese pizza or some call it pancake. The batter is made of flour, egg, water, grated some kind of yam and cabbage, plus added with ingredients of your choice such as crabmeat, chuka idako, cheese, etc..

Chuka Idako Okonomiyaki @ RM7.00

The Okonomiyaki is topped with mayo, nori and fish flakes.

There’s this stall which sells all kinds of tarts! From egg to whatever tart you can think of! And they are all freshly made!! Check out the oven in the lorry in the above picha! *gawk*

Egg Tarts

So many types of tarts to choose from. Egg tart alone already got 2 types!

Portuguese Egg Tart @ RM1.70

Finally decided to get Portugese Egg Tart because I like pastries :3

Made a good choice. The tart was so delish and still hot! Had to blow it a little before taking a bite. Talk about getting fresh from oven :razz:

This is one long Pasar Malam. While walking and munching, we stopped by this Thai Coconut stall for a refreshing drink.

Coconut Juice & Coconut Jelly @ RM4 each

We bought the Coconut jelly because it’s more special. LOL

Really refreshing and I wish to have one at this very moment!

Pasar Malam is one place you can find coloured contact lenses. I was surprised that they’re selling this for RM10 a piece! So dem cheap!! So cheap that I wasn’t feeling confident to buy them. Haha..

Muar is famous for Otak-Otak and can be found in Pasar Malam and it’s not very expensive, RM0.70 a piece.

Otak-Otak @ RM0.70

Otak-otak which is fish paste or cake made of fish meat and spices, wrapped in banana leaf and then BBQ. It tasted like salty cake with fragrant of spices and better with the charcoal aroma.

*om nom nom*

Here in Pasar Malam, can find these chicken and duck limbs and organs. Not sure how much they’re selling these as I just walk past them.

Saw this awesome paper-work-of-art and stopped for awhile to admire them. Such skills!

Ferris Wheel

It’s actually a greeting cards. Once you fold the card to close, the 3D Ferris Wheel will flatten down and pops up when you open the card. Such skills!

Eiffel Tower

There were so many designs and thought of getting one, but then I thought pichas of them would be good enough as I have no idea where I can put them and for a person like me, I’m sure these 3Ds won’t survive long in my hands. Heeee!

A girl, probably 10 years old, asked the owner how much is the card and was told that they’re selling at RM20 each. Before walking away, she said, “So expensive!” LOL!!

Passion Fruit @ RM9/kg

Since I bought the “Shake Shake” blender, I’ve been making remarkably delicious fruit juices for myself and others. One of the ingredients for my worshipable juice is the Passion fruit. Made to drink with lots of PASSION. Geddit geddit?

Passion Fruit special drink @ RM5

Some Passion fruit drink with sour plum in it. The taste is not bad but still finds my worshipable juice nicer. :lol:

Stumbled upon this Hot & Spicy noodles stall and decided to grab a bowl because I saw Szechuan Vegetable is one of the ingredient. I like that salty yet mildly spicy veggie :3

Malak (Hot & Spicy) Noodle @ RM5.50

Since the coconut stall is just beside the noodle stall, ordered one coconut juice just in case the noodle is very spicy.

Turns out, the noodles is not that spicy and I requested to add extrahot spicy chilli oil and ended up with a numb mouth. Heee..

Saw this Cempedak fritters and decided to buy 1 piece but the minimum they’re selling is 3 pieces. Hence, we got 3 pieces for RM5. So expensive! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the sweet hot crispy fragrant fritters :3

Chow Tofu

Although it rained, someone insist to hunt for Chow Tofu (Smelly Tofu). This is the smelliest food I’ve ever come across and I don’t understand why anyone would enjoy something that smells like a forever unwashed toilet! *runs*

Furthermore, there was a long queue for this smelly thing. Apparently, the stall is from this famous restaurant in Kepong called Chew Chew Chow Tofu. Next time, if drive around Kepong must bring along oxygen mask. Hahahaha..


Last but not least, ending this long pasar post with a picha of Taufulou enjoying his Chow Tofu. Such Taufuception.

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