Orchard Heights – Homestay & Fruit Orchard @ Karak, Pahang

Last month, I received an invitation by Cheng Yi to join him and a few fellow foodies to visit Orchard Heights. Orchard Heights is a Fruit Orchard with Homestays. When mentioned that the Orchard has durian, and also that it was still in the durian season, our bet was that we will be having durian buffet during the visit. So yea, like greedy a Cookie Monster, this King of the Fruit Monster (Yours Truly) agreed to join the bandwagon without a second thought.

Scenic view of Orchard Heights from one the top hills

Orchard Heights is approximately 90km from Damansara Heights. It took us approximately 1.5 hours to Orchard Heights from Damansara Heights. We could have reached earlier if not for the drizzling rain. Nonetheless, it was a scenic drive :)

How to get there?

Well, my ultimate advise is to use the GPS (Coordinates: 3.347979,102.057395) and if you’re using Waze, you can search for “Orchard Heights Bungalow Resort Homestay” in Google option.

If you’re confident driving without GPS, drive into Karak Highway and enter into Karak town. Drive through the town and turn right after the police station. Drive along the road until you see a bright yellow signboard with red frames saying “Ladang Sabai” (picha above). Turn in and drive through the narrow road that goes uphill and you would reach the gates of Orchard Heights.

Orchard Heights Homestay

Orchard Heights is an ideal destination for fresh country air, panoramic views, abundant fruit trees (50% are durian clones), fish ponds and acres of flat and rolling hills to wander about. Orchard Heights cover a total area of 187 acres  and the whole development is gated and guarded with a 8 ft high perimeter fence. Orchard Heights was created by a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to country-living in a safe, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly location far from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet close enough to Kuala Lumpur to render it suitable for either a weekend retreat or a country home.

The Wooden House

As we arrived, we had a tour in one of the 2 bungalows which are available for rent, “The Wooden House” (3 bedrooms) and the other bungalow which we didn’t view was “The Stone House” (4 bedrooms). The Wooden House and Stone House can accommodate up to 10 and 17 people respectively. Both the bungalows are fully-furnished from bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room to kitchen. As it is a full equipped bungalow, you can even cook in the kitchen as there were utensils provided (from fork and spoon to woks).

The living & dining rooms

Bedrooms & Bathroom

After the Bungalow tour, we headed over to the BBQ area which is just beside the Wooden House and facing the man-made pond. It is said that there are approximately 40,000 tilapias in the pond!

BBQ pit

Maj (R) Ng Chun Hoo sharing more about the establishment of Orchard Heights while Derek looking hungry at the Durians.

We didn’t take our breakfast before heading to Orchard Heights, so, we had Durians for breakfast :D It was such a feast!

The range of clone durians from Orchard Heights were were D24, D2, D101 and Chook Kiok, and we gracefully indulge in every one that we can enforced our power to crack open the stubborn thorn fruit!


Major taught us how to identify the different types of durians there are in the Orchard and also how not to get cheated by durian vendors. LOL

Identifying durians can be easy if you’re sharp at identifying durian shapes, thorns and sizes. How to identify a D24 is by looking at its “nipple” as shown above. The nipple would be very obviously visible and big and the shape of durian is just round and unlike D2 which is more “curvy”.

Some D24 picked out from the basket and waiting to be “slaughtered”.

Hailed from Penang and proud of his hometown’s durian, Ah Bok should be an expert in opening durians.

Just look at these hungry durian lovers. All ready to dig into the king of fruits while the proud Penang-kia battling his ways opening the durians.

Oh what Durian monsters we are. We continued to gorge ourselves into having more durians.

Rich and creamy flesh awaiting us to wallop them.

We had a lot of durians but not all are perfect. Some are like partial yummy and partially bad. Sharing the great fruit with the insects that has gone to the fruit earlier than us. Or some part of the durian is rich and creamy, while the other side is still unripe.

Yeah, you do the work while I enjoy the fruit.

Derek had a go as well on opening the durians and he is like a Master! He can easily tackle the Chook Kiok which is one of the toughest durian and very tricky to open.

Chook Kiok

Lucky us as we get to taste Chook Kiok, one of the best durian here in Orchard Heights and it was about the end of the season.

Then, there is this very rare durian as well, which has slightly tint of red color on its flesh. This one is really good.

After our Durian breakfast, we went for a tour in Orchard Heights. It was a long and fulfilling tour as we walk and eat at the same time. Stopped at almost every fruit trees we see and raping the trees off their fruits ;)

Banana Trees

Yellow Rambutan Tree

Cheng Yi helping himself to the golden hairy fruit.

This is yellow rambutan and better known as Rambutan Gading in Malay.

So sweet, even an ant couldn’t resist it. What more to say us!

Very sweet and juicy rambutan. Best of all, the flesh doesn’t stick to the seed.

As we walk, we enjoyed the scenic surroundings while keeping our hands and mouth busy with fruits tasting.


Durian Trees

 There were a lot of durian trees in Orchard Heights. Approximately 50% of the place is filled with durian trees.

Spotted another Rambutan tree. This one is the red rambutan.

Harvesting Rambutan :lol:

A whole bunch of rambutan!

Similar to the yellow rambutan, the red rambutan is sweet and juicy but the flesh sticks to the seed. I prefer the yellow rambutan for this.

Cheng Yi and his red hairy rambutans. Haha..

Mangosteen Tree

I’ve never seen a mangosteen tree before and I was surprised to find it this short! Haha..

This is how an unripe mangosteen looks like, still attached to its stem.

Fresh mangosteen, straight from the tree.

Sweet, sour and juicy!



Sweet and juicy langsat

Malaysia’s national flower, Hibiscus

Apart from fruit trees, there are a lot to see in the orchard. For example, the colourful vibrant colours of flowers such as Hibiscus, Morning Glory and many more which I don’t know their names. Haha.. #BotanicNoob #FailBotanist

Pretty flowers and fern

And there’s also Pandan leaves. They were huge! Just look at the size of the stem!

And we harvested some pandan leaves.

When we returned to the BBQ area, there was a huge basket of Pulasan welcoming us.


Pulasan is like a cross-over of Rambutan and Lychee. The fruit is sweet and juicy and I got to know that the seed is edible as well. The seed is crunchy and tasted milky and like almond.

Before heading out of Orchard Heights, we went up the hills to have an overall look out of the whole orchard.

Maj (R) Ng mentioned that he is selling “FRESH AIR”.  The air here is really fresh and unpolluted, and for once, there are so much oxygen going into my nose without all those dirt and polluted air we have in the city.

After that day, we look forward to our next visit to Orchard Heights as it is an ideal getaway destination, away from the bustling and busy city. Here are the details for the homestay:

  • RM 900 per night for 3 rooms Wooden Bungalow – 10 pax
  • RM 1200 per night for 4 rooms Stone Bungalow – 17 pax
  • Complimentary Offer from Mid Nov 2012 to Jan 2013:-  Durians , 5 Tilapia Fish
  • Check-in and check-out time : flexible
  • 100% Advance payment , payable to the following account:-
  • Beneficiary     :       N & S Global Venture Sdn Bhd ( 937300-D )
  • Bank               :        HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD, SUBANG, Malaysia
  • Account No #  :        138 000 26872

For reservations, please contact:

Address: Orchard Heights Bungalow Homestay  Resort

Email: simonchua@live.co.uk

Contact Person : 010-2605123 (Mr Simon Chua)


For more information, please visit the Orchard Heights website here.

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