Olympus Photowalk at Petaling Street with Robin Wong

Been wanting to join one of Robin‘s shutter therapy session but always can’t make it due to traveling or that there are some events I need to attend to. When I saw Robin shared this on his Facebook wall:

I made a point to make it no matter what and coincidentally the weekend was free 😀 was a moment of ” Woohoo!! Finally, I can make it!”. Furthermore, the Olympus Photowalk at Petaling Street is an official Olympus Malaysia event led by Robin Wong himself and it is open to all Olympus users. All the more reasons not to miss it.

Since getting my very first Olympus camera, OM-D EM-5 last November, I admit I’ve been lazy. With such powerful camera in hand, I have underutilised it. Been using Auto mode most of the times 😛 Guilty as charged. So, this photowalk is a great opportunity to learn more about the camera and explore its features, plus some photography tips from the Sifu himself! Also, I get to try out different Olympus M.Zuiko lenses while at it.

Now, I’m poisoned to get the Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8. I no money. HOW??!

Anyway, my intention of this post is to share the pictures taken from last Saturday with very short introductory but ended up with an essay *golek mata sepenuh masa*. This is a heavy weight loaded post and MOST of the pictures are unedited (only resized). It might take some time to load the whole page, appreciate your patience and understanding  😛 Here goes:

P/S: Pictures are arranged in the sequence when they were taken, so, you get the feel of the photowalk as you scroll down. Also, to show whether my photo-taking skills have improved (or not).

First photography tip from Robin is to try on the “ART” mode on the camera. These pictures were taken with the “Dramatic” tone filter. It really brings out the colour and makes the picture pops out and making them more outstanding. Drama~

Dramatic legs

Dramatic Shutters

Dramatic man at work

Caramel Banana Tart @ RM2.80

Then, I got hungry. Well, I skipped breakfast because I woke up late. Halfway towards our first stop, this mouthwatering pastry aroma led me to their shop and led me to point one of their good looking caramel banana tart and led me to pay them money for one and led me to sink my teeth into its scrumptious crumbs.

So, that’s how this banana tart ended up in my hand. Teehee..

Our first stop is at this popular Chinese Temple called Guan Di Temple and it is located in Chinatown (GPS Coordinates: 3.144053, 101.696779). Been living in KL for so many years but never walk around here and discover all these wonderful temples.

Here, we learn to take picture focusing on the object and getting that bokeh effect behind the object. Since, I’m using my current kit lens (12-50mm), it’s pretty limited to get the bokeh effect. One tip I learn from Robin is to zoom all the way into the object and focus on the detail. That way, can get the bokeh on the background. Heh.. I rarely use full zoom because the outcome usually not very nice and blur. But I’m impressed with what I’ve captured here!

According to Robin, one of his favourite object to shoot is the incense coils. There are many ways/angles to shoot it and it depends on how each individual see it. So, everyone hogged around the incense coil and took pictures of it. I on the other hand just snap snap only. Teehee.. Robin took the above picture using my camera as he explains about aperture, shutter speed and exposure etc.. I, on the other hand, trying my best to digest everything he said. In short, I better attend one of his workshop in Olympus to get a better understanding on all these technicalities.

Bottom view of the incense coil. I need to practice to frame things better. This shot looks awkward.

without Highlight and Shadow adjustment

with Highlight and Shadow adjustment

Now, this one feature Robin shared with us is one of Olympus camera features which is the onscreen curve which you could add a “short-cut key” on the Fn button on the camera. This features enable you to adjust the Highlight and Shadow of the image before capturing them. Above is the example of with and without the adjustments. Pretty cool leh..

Saw this little kitten on our way to the Indian Temple, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, which is just opposite Guan Di Temple down the road.

Hey, Kitty, why the sad face? Purr purr...

This is one out of focus picture. The kitten can’t stop moving and I was using the kit lens with zoom, hence, it’s pretty hard to focus and snap quickly T______T

It is said that Sri Mahamariamman Temple (GPS Coordinates: 3.143415, 101.696498 ) is the oldest and richest Indian Temple in Kuala Lumpur – wikipedia.

Flowers sold opposite the temple.

The fragrantful flower

mini clay candle pots

I rarely, in fact, I’ve never enjoyed shooting strangers because I always feel they will hate die me for taking their pictures. Haha. Maybe because I am so shy *vomits* No lah. Actually, I fear getting rejected. Like if I ask people if I can take a picture of them and they say no. #squatsincorneranddrawcirclesonfloor For example, this uncle. T3T

BUT from this Photowalk, thanks to Robin’s encouragement and also because everyone was taking pictures of the few same people, I just go tag along and snap a few pictures of them. Then, I got more confidence to take pictures of random people we see on the street and in the temple. They are all so friendly and smiles so happily at our cameras. #whyyouallsoniceone

This uncle so popular, everyone wants to take picture of him. I pity his son because the dad is the centre of the attention that morning. Haha..

Two sweet ladies who happily smiled for my camera when I asked them for a picture. Very very lovely smile sthey have!

Gua macho tak?

Testing the close up pictures and all the bokehness. So in love with Olympus M. Zuiko 25mm lens!

But I hate what details it captures. I SEE WRINKLE LINES under my eye! OMG. #iizoldlady

– picha leeched from http://robinwong.blogspot.com –

A selfie is a must 😀

Switched back to my own 12-50mm lens and shot this in Dramatic filter. Nice kan?

Yea, I was Chindian for the morning. My shorts were too short and not appropriate to be in the Temple. The kind gentleman manning the shoe storage lent me this sari. *do the Indian dance* Thanks to Jackie for helping me take this picture.

A step out of the temple and I’m missing my temporary sari. Where to buy nice nice ones ahh?

Going back to our starting point, KL Central Market (aka Pasar Seni), we detoured to the other side of Chinatown where there were back alleys, old architecture buildings and and and construction sites. So, I took a picture of this fella snaking at work. TEEHEE.. Ok, he’s probably getting his break. By the way, switched back to the 25mm lens because I’m liking it much. Teehee..

Robin led us into this road and into the back alley. Jeng jeng jeng..

Thanks to Robin, I’m so liking this Dramatic filter. Makes every picture so dramatic.

Even a puddle on the road also looks so dramatically interesting.

Old motorbike, one of our tutorial object. Purposely place these two pictures top bottom like this. 25mm has it limitations. Like for this instance, I can’t capture a full frame of the bike and the reflection together, so I had to combine two pictures to show the big picture.

– no comment –

Loaned Joshua’s fisheye body cap lens for a few shots here. Hi, everybody!

So, this fisheye body cap lens is approximately RM3-400. I’ll think about it.

Love these window shots and fading walls.

Old school fan. Why got the nylon rope tied to it? To hold the fan from falling or to prevent people from stealing it? hahaha..

Watch your step

It was a hot sunny day. So, a few of us stopped at this fruit stall for some watermelon break.

A close up shot of watermelon. So love the bokeh! Auuuuu.. The watermelon is so sweet and juicy *nom nom nom*

A portait shot of auntie who was chilling behind the stall. So friendly. She was shy at first to let us take a picture of her. Then, when I showed her this picture she was so happy and said the picture is very nice. waaa.. my first praise.

Another dramatic shot on our way towards Petaling Street.

Ok, a few more dramatic shots. Can’t help it. Everything looks so cool with this filter on.

Because of our short watermelon break, we lost Robin T3T Tried to track him and the rest but ended up do our own little photowalk in Petaling Street and meet up with the rest at our first meeting point. Sorry, Robin gor gor.

I SAW SIU YOKE! It’s calling out for me………………
Fresh chestnuts

And the chestnut stall. The guy manning the stall was roasting some chestnuts and I get to capture some pictures of it. weee..

Unsure which way Robin and the rest went, I thought he would led the rest into the wet market where more happenings can be captured. LOL But I was wrong. Hehe.. Anyway, he won’t ditch us one lah, because there 2 Olympus lenses on us. 😛

Halo, Uncle Butcher.

Me: Hey, Cat! Why you in cage?
Cat: diu.

Hehe.. somemore dramatic picture. Nice whaaaat.




The details and sharpness captured using the 25mm is simply remarkable! #mustgetthislens

Reflection on macha’s sunnies

Some of us proceeded to lunch together at Precious Old China Restaurant in Central Market which serves Nyonya food. The interior and ambiance is very apt to its name. Everything inside is such a precious. Mostly are like antiques of paintings, decors and wall art, including the lighting. Those chandeliers. This 25mm captures it perfectly. Deng.

Die die also want to join lunch even if I have to self invite myself because I want to try out the lens for food photography. 😀 Of course, it didn’t come to the extent that I had to self invite to lunch as it was an open invitation to all.

Nyonya Belacan Fried Rice

Focus on the fried rice. Front and back bokeh *OMG*

Focus on fried chicken. Super bokeh on the back. *double OMG*

So, how? These shots look mouthwatering enough to invest or not??

Then, I loaned Jackie’s 45mm lens to test shot. HOMAIGAAAAAAAAD!

Ok, so here’s the plan. I’ll buy some money seeds and we start harvesting money in the backyard.

Jokes aside, it was a very fruitful and productive day for me as I learned more than a handful photography tips from Robin. Many thanks to Robin and Olympus Malaysia for the photowalk and loaning us the lenses. Looking forward to more photowalks and #shuttertherapy in the future!

P/S: Robin’s blog is truly inspiring. Do check his blog here.

I took more than 200 pictures and it is impossible to share everything here. I just select a few which I find is interesting with something to talk about here. The whole album can be viewed here. Feel free to comment there as well 😀

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