MyKuali Penang White Curry Mee Instant Noodles

For weeks and for months, I’ve seen friends posting and sharing their pictures of the MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodles and some even whine about the hardship in getting their on hands on them. Doesn’t help when there’s a shortage of supply in Malaysia. Rumours has it that some people actually went to the factory to buy, but to no avail. Such crazy raving on this instant noodle! Some retailers even took advantage of the economy and hike up the price up to RM12 for a bag of 4, selling in this bak kwa shop in Mid Valley. Too much!

While we were in Penang last year, we went to this drug store which rents out bicycles and we saw this MyKuali instant noodles on display and we bought a box of it. They were selling at RM8.50 for a bag of 4. The initial price was RM6, or maybe less before it went on hype. :O!!!

Now that I’ve tasted the Original Penang White Curry Mee in Penang, I decided to pop a packet of MyKuali Penang White Curry Mee Instant Noodles into the pot and after some 10 minutes or so, I’m slurping my very own home cooked Penang White Curry Mee.

A packet of MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle comes with one piece of instant noodle, one pack of non-dairy creamer, seasoning powder and curry paste.

Since the white curry mee I had in Penang was served plain milky white, I decided to do the same and placed the curry paste aside on the spoon before mixing everything up.

Before and after.

The noodle is slightly thicker and more springy than other ordinary instant noodles.

Although the taste is nothing near the authentic Penang White Curry Mee, apart from its look, it is a delicious and fulfilling instant noodle on its own. The curry paste is thick & spicy! Next time I’m cooking this, I’ll add some sotong and chicken and veggie and egg. Or maybe just egg.

But, for the price of it, I don’t think I’d pay RM12 for a bag of 4. I’ll buy Korean hot and spicy ramen which can feed me 1.5 meals for a pack.


Nonetheless, it is a bowl of satisfaction.



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