My Expensive Dining Experience @ Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant, Uptown

Once upon a time, someone was craving for hot and spicy hotpot. As we were on our way to Kota Damansara (actually I was not very keen to go all the way to KD because it was so jam as we were on our way right after work). Suddenly, someone decided to change the venue to Xiao Fei Yang as we happened to drive pass Uptown, simply because there’s a hot pot in the area that we both have not try yet. *bring it on*

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I’m sure Xiao Fei Yang is no stranger to many as it is a pretty well known steamboat/hotpot/shabu-shabu restaurant in Klang Valley. I heard numerous feedbacks about this place, “So-so only” and “Expensive”. Since we have not experience dining in here, we would like to be the first hand to tell others whether it is “So-so only” or “Expensive”.

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Mess kit @ RM1

Wrapped up utensils which assured us that these are really clean and well disinfected. And you thought that this Restaurant is so high class for serving such utensils, rest and behold, you’re actually paying for it.

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Snack @ RM3

Once seated and orders taken, they will serve you cold dishes as appetizers even when you don’t ask for it. Best of all, when we returned the cold dish because we don’t want it (also because it’s tofu, I don’t eat tofu), we were still charged for it =..=mlm

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Wet tissue @ RM0.50 each

I don’t normally take wet tissues from restaurant, but since we were billed for it (even though we didn’t use it), I just grabbed them and put in my handbag. =..=

Above all, we were billed RM4 for things we didn’t order/asked for/need/used/wteffetc. I don’t mind paying that extra RM1 for the utensils because we need it, but simply charging us for the snack and wet tissue is just too much. I’m not being cheapskate, I just felt robbed. Paying for things we didn’t ask for lah.

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Despite the “So-so only” and “Expensive” remarks by those who dined here before, the place is still packed on a weekday evening. Perhaps the food is good despite the overcharged items.

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Tsing Tao @ RM16

We shared a bottle of TsingTao because ice cold beer just go so well with hotpot. Oh yeah, do note that drinks menu doesn’t come with pricelist, we just blindly order.

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Combination Soup @ RM23

There are 3 choices of soup for the hotpot; Herbal Soup, Hot & Spicy Soup (aka Ma Lak Tang) or combination of both. Since it was our first time here, we ordered the Combination soup to try them both. The Hot & Spicy Soup contains a lot of peppercorn, dried chilies, garlic, sesame seed, chili oil and some other ingredients. Both the soup were just alright, unexpectedly, we prefered the Herbal Soup more than the Spicy soup. Find that the Hot & Spicy soup lacked of the Angelina-Jolie-lips effect (so spicy until lips go numb and swolen).

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All the ingredients come in one size portion, no choice of Small, Medium or Large. For just 2 person, we greedily ordered what we wanted to have without the intelligence to think whether we could finish everything or not. The portion they serve here is good for sharing between 4 to 6 persons each plate.

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Pork Belly @ RM13.80


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Pig’s Liver @ RM4

My first time having to eat so much liver in one seating. I’m sure my blood regeneration was overloaded that night.

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Sliced Mutton @ RM18.80


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Special Pork Balls @ RM8.80

Not a fan of balls, but this pork balls are delicious with special fillings in it.

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Sotong Balls

From the tray, we noticed a few plates of ingredients which we never ordered! Checked back on our order list and noticed that “Sotong Balls” were ticked on it, when we actually didn’t order for it in the first place. Anyway, who eats Sotong balls. =..= Had them take back the plates we didn’t order and went through our order checklist just to make sure we only had what we ordered.

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Young Bamboo Shoots @ RM8

We had Young Bamboo Shoots and Bamboo Fungus (didn’t takepicha of this :O). These two items are my first time having in a hotpot!! A must have.

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Radish @ RM3

Radish also a must have to add extra flavour like sweetening the soup.

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Handmade Noodles @ RM4.80

We finished everything we ordered except for the noodles. Just too much to handle. The policy in this restaurant is that when you ticked the items on the orderlist, you can’t return them to the kitchen, even though you haven’t touch them. So, I just asked them to pack noodles and made noodle soup the next day. =..=

 photo 20130509_205356.jpg

The bill came up to RM143.20 after service tax. The damage for 2 just proved how well we ate in one seating. LOL

So, if you ask me what I think about Xiao Fei Yang, it’s Not Bad and yes, it is expensive, not on the food but the experience.

Xiao Fei Yang

No. 40G & 42G, Jalan SS21/62,
47400 Damansara Utama,

Tel: +603 7728 7633

Operating Hours

11.00am – 10.30pm


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