Meng Kee Steam Soup @ Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya

Lately, the weather is such a b!tch. Don’t you just agree? It either gets hellish hot or thunderstorm rain until flood until jam die you. And one of the best remedy for the current madness is to enjoy a nice hot soup! Just recently discovered this stall in Paramount Garden, Meng Kee Steam Soup. Although the soup is piping hot but it feels so nice to sip from it and feels refreshed after that. The Ooohhh Ahhh effect, if you get what I mean. The stall is located along Jalan 20/16 of PJ and situated beside/behind Giant supermarket. I’m no good in giving directions, plus I’m a Geo blind, so, the location map below would be the best reference:
Meng Kee Steam Soup Stall No 9

Even if you dine here everyday also won’t feel bored. WHY? That’s because Meng Kee serves A WIDE VARIETY of soup!! There are 35 types of soup available on the menu, but not all are available daily. Some are available on certain days, mostly available on Fridays and Satudays.

Super long list soup

Because we had cakes for dinner earlier, so, we dropped by purely just for soup. A bit regret for not coming here for dinner first. LOL

Bittergourd Soup @ RM7

From the Vegetable Steam Soup menu, we shared the Bittergourd Soup which tasted better than it looked. This simple yet delectable bittergourd and pork ribs soup is hearty and refreshing. I think they omit the MSG (Monosodium glutamate, a common food addictive) into the soup because I don’t feel thirsty nor nausea after drinking it. Despite the aptly named BITTERgourd soup, the soup is not bitter but has a tad sweet end, guess that’s from the oink oink. LOL

 Ginger Root (Yong Sum Soo) @ RM6

As from the Herbal soup side, we had the Ginger Root soup which is said to help subside body heat. Since lately the weather is so hot, plus I don’t really drink a lot of water, it’s no wonder why my body feels heaty. Although, there’s no immediate cooling effect, but it does feel good having this soup. Heee

Meng Kee does not sell soup alone. They have a range of meat and veggie dishes to complete a meal. From chicken, pork, fish, beancurd and vegetables. I like the menu as it is simple yet extensive that you just want to try everything there is!! For this, we plan to come back again for a feast where we will order more more more dishes than just soup, and probably skip the rice. Purely stuffing ourselves with the homey dishes. Any joiners?

Meng Kee Steam Soup

Stall No.9, Jalan 20/16,
Paramount Garden,
46300, Petaling Jaya,

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday: 5pm to 10pm

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