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Over the weekend, I had an awesome experience at McDonald’s Kota Damansara Drive Thru. It was a weekend of ‘PROSPERITY’ – Happiness, Friendship, Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Abundance, Sharing, Family, Affection and Joy. As mentioned in my previous post, I was there at McDonald’s to help out in the kitchen, or more like slowing down their productivity. Hahaha..

During the 2 days (19-20 January 2013), McDonald’s raises funds for 60 local charity homes with the help of caring Malaysians. RM1 will be donated to the ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ campaign with every purchased of Prosperity Meal throughout the whole Malaysia.


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On Saturday (19th Jan 2013), Leya of HotFM, Phat Fabes of Fly FM and Nicholas from OneFM, plus celebrity volunteers such as 8TV Quickie hosts Julie Woon and Megan Tan, as well as violinist Dennis Lau and actress and singer Chelsia Ng were the spokespersons at McDonald’s for Prosperity Gives Back (PGB) and they made appearance and helped out behind the counters and kitchen. Surprise guest Ronald McDonald was also a big hit with families, especially the children from Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan, who were treated to a day of fun and laughter.

On the second day of PGB, Phat Fabes of FlyFM and Leya of HotFM were seen in McDonald’s along with fellow bloggers. I’ve never thought that I had the opportunity to stand behind the counter and the kitchen, let alone to hands on in preparing McDonald’s Prosperity burger! All thanks to McDonald’s and G2 for the opportunity!


User friendly interface cashier. Next order!

The cashier

Drive thru cashier

Before heading into the kitchen for kitchen tour, we were briefed about McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign where RM1 will be donated to 60 charity homes over the 2 days sales of Prosperity Meal.

When we were in the kitchen, we were briefed on the system and process flow from the orders taken until the food presented to the customers. Burgers were all freshly made and assembled in order. It was like a Burger Rush, the game.

Every stations in the kitchen is well equipped with machines customised to fit the production in McDonald’s.

This is where burgers were assembled from fresh toasted bun to the ingredients based on the recipe.

Every burger meat (beef and chicken) and fish fillet were kept in the warmer. It is said that every meat is kept in the warmer for a maximum time of 30 minutes only, to ensure freshness.

Fried chicken, nuggets and porridge were kept in the warmer as well.

Each types of burgers have their own types of boxes.

Fresh fluffy buns

Toasted buns

The buns take 16 seconds to toast! So very fast :D

The grilling station

This is where all the beef patties are grilled.

Fries dispenser

Do you know that French Fries is one of the most important item in McDonald’s? This station needs to be stocked up at all times as every McDonald’s meal is accompanied with french fries. Phat Fabes even joked that fries are more like a main course instead of the burgers or chicken.

Fresh hot crispy fries ready to be served.

Always wondered how McDonald’s porridge were cooked. Now, I know :D

After the kitchen tour, it’s our turn to hands on in making Prosperity Burger.


First, we must wash our hands clean. Here, we learned that every McDonald’s crew handling food in the kitchen needs to wash their hands every hour!

With Ah Bok and Benjamin all gloved up after cleaning our hands.

A demonstration to make Prosperity Burger and we watch from behind very attentively.

We each had a trial in making the Prosperity Burger and later had a competition among each other in a time battle.

Ah Bok in action

Ben in action

Me in action


Buy the Prosperity Burger prepared by us!

The Prosperity Burgers we made and sold to the customers.

A complete Prosperity Burger Meal, choice of Beef or Chicken, served with Twister Fries and Prosperity McFizz.

Thanks to Henry for dropping by McDonald’s and supporting the PGB campaign by purchasing Prosperity Burger Meal. The Prosperity Burger he bought is definitely one of the ones we made for its inconsistent amount of onions and messy packaging. Hehehee

To help foster the spirit of Prosperity Gives Back, McDonald’s has made available a microsite last December, where Malaysians can share true, heart-warming stories behind their experience of the 10 Values of Prosperity. Selected stories will be published in leading newspapers to be shared with Malaysians in February 2013. Log on to to read stories of true ‘PROSPERITY’ shared by our fellow Malaysians.

When the campaign was first introduced in 2011, RM286, 000 was raised and distributed across 44 charitable organisations. In its second year, RM395, 828.80 was raised and distributed across 52 local charitable organisations. This year, McDonald’s aim to reach out to more than 60 charity homes throughout Malaysia and raise as much as funds as possible, with the support from caring Malaysians. Let’s hope that with the help of many caring Malaysians, we were able to raise more funds than the previous years!

Find out more about McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign and the Prosperity Burger on

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