MBO Cinema in The Spring

Went to the Spring’s Food Bazaar for dinner. Madam Tang has a stall there. I had the Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang for dinner.

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang @ RM7.20

Regular nasi lemak is RM3.80, with chicken is RM6.80 and an extra 40 cents will get yourself a beef rendang to go with your nasi lemak. The beef rendang is delicious. Absolutely love their rendang. The nasi lemak is just ok.

They’ve installed flat screen TVs in the food bazaar and there’s lots of movies previewed on it. Simply because,

MBO coming soon

MBO is here in Kuching. Finally, the cinema is opening, babeh!! Can’t wait till August 19th!

We saw this on our way to Ta Kiong:

Grand Preview of the Spring's 2nd Floor

Everyone has been talking about the new cinema. Even the Spring is excited about it. There are posters about the Grand Preview at every wing. Also, stated on it are “Exciting New Tenants”. Hey hey..  More new outlets to look out for. Huehuehue..

Instead of heading towards Ta Kiong, we made a detour to 2nd floor. Upon reaching the escalator to the next level, I saw this:


Oh yeah oh yeahhhh!! Can’t wait!! Oh man.. I can foresee that this year’s Christmas shopping is going to be crazy! :D Must save up for shopping. More new outlets opening, more money to spend.


When we turned to the escalator, Dang! GG dot com. It’s “yellowsied”. Guess, we have to be patient and wait till August 19, 2009 for the Grand Preview.

So, our next movie night out will be at MBO, right right right? G.I. JOE or Horror Movie?

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