Marutama Ramen @ Farenheit 88, KL

Once upon a time, when Ramen was the in-thing, well, it is still trendy but not that “hot” anymore. Many many months back, we went to Marutama Ra-Men (まる玉らーめん) in Fahrenheit88 to check out the new Ramen place (was new when at that time). Marutama Ra-Men is located at the first floor in eatery section which Fahrenheit88 calls the Food Hot Spot. Just as you enter the Food Hot Spot, you will Spot the Ramen shop.

Marutama serves authentic Japanese ramen and I got to know that they serve one of the best tamago (poached egg) in town from a couple of friends who are Ramen fans. Eager to find out how good the ramen here is, we decided to pop by for a taste.


Pick your Ramen (Click menu above for larger view)

There are so many types of Ramen to choose from. Price ranges from Rm17 up to RM28**.

So many side dishes and add ons to choose from. If your wallet is fat and feeling generous, you can possibly have them all.

Hot Ocha (Green Tea)

Sesame seeds and garlic flakes

Kakuni Tamago @ RM 27

We each had the Kakuni Tamago which comes with all the ingredients a greedy person like us would want. There’s ajitsuke tamago (egg), porkie slices, pork belly, nori (seaweed) and spring onions. When we made our order, we ordered hungrily thinking that there’s no way I’m going to share a bowl of ramen with another person. You know, the saying that says something like our eyes are bigger than our stomach?

Heee.. We were served with a huge bowl of ramen each and there’s even a gyoza along the way. The ramen broth is made of chicken broth. We were skeptical at first as we were used to pork broth ramen. The broth itself is thick and flavorful and we couldn’t stop sipping it a few more times before pulling out the ramen to taste.


The ramen is pretty good as it is springy and done al dante. Just the way we like it. The tamago was perfectly done. The yolk is runny and creamy as you bite into it. Such pleasure.

They have these chili oil, chili powder and chili paste for additional spicy kick in your ramen.

Gyoza (餃子) @ RM10

Everytime I see Gyoza in a menu, I can’t help but to order it as I’m a dumpling fan. The gyoza is a mouthful and they don’t stinge on the ingredients. Served with vinegar, ginger and chili oil.

This Ramen shop serves delicious and affordable ramen in town.

Marutama Ramen
Fahrenheit 88 Lot Flr. 27.01,
1st floor Buking Bintang, KL

GPS: 3.14748, 101.71283

Tel: 03–2141 1573

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