Malaysia Wine Fiesta @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Last night, I attended the Malaysia Wine Fiesta, which is said to be the Malaysia’s biggest wine fair around. The Wine Fiesta Tasting I attended last night was held at The Bangkung Row, Bangsar. To know more about Wine Fiesta, hop over to

It was said that 40 winemakers participated in the wine fiesta tasting and over 200 wines from all over the world! Five participating restaurants ( Opus Bistro, Cava, Leonardo’s, Madisons and U Restaurant) transformed into a food and wine trail along Bangkung Row. There were food prepared by each restaurant to pair along with all the wines! With a glass in hand, we trailed along Bangkung Row, meet the winemakers and taste their wine while pairing with each restaurants’ unique cuisines!

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Honig Vineyard & Winery
Napa Valley, California
Sauvignon Blanc 2011
MWF Price RM130 (RP: RM160)

The first wine I tasted last night was this Napa valley’s Sauvignon Blanc. Citrusy and fruity white wine. Very refreshing. This is suitable to go with seafood and Asian food.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Korta Katarina
Rivijera Orebic, Croatia
Posip 2010
MWF Price RM235 (RP: RM295)

My first time tasting Croatian wine and this white is pleasantly yummy!

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Winemaker from Germany

Here, we met Dr Dirk Richter of Richter Wines,who’s family have been producing fine Riesling wines.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Max Ferfinand Richter
Mosel, Germany
Riesling Kabinett Graacher Himmerlreich 2009 (left)
MWP Price RM120 (RP: RM150)

Riesling Kabinett Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr 2007
MWF Price RM175 (RP: RM215)

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Max Ferfinand Richter
Mosel, Germany
Riesling Zeppelin Label Mulheimer Sonnenlay 2011 (left)
MWP Price RM100 (RP: RM125)

Riesling Kabinett Brauneberger Juffer 2011 (right)
MWF Price RM120 (RP: RM150)

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Easy drinking Rieslings from Germany. Very sweet and very suitable to go with Spicy Thai food or porkie!!

We had some cold cuts of cheese and salami but that was not enough to keep us full and since we’re drinking the night away, we better get some heavier food!

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Bruschetta, pasta and mushrooms

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

After the first round of tank filling, we continued our wine trail, #determined to try every wine there is! This is where most of the French wines are located :D *turns left and right looking for Bordeaux and Chateau*

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Domaine Francois Villard
Rhone Valley, France
St Peray Version 2010
MWF Price RM175 (RP: RM215)

Syrah L’appel Des Sereines 2010
MWF Price RM115 (RP: RM145)

St Joseph Rouge Mairlant 2009
MWF Price RM185 (RP: RM245)

Started off with these French trio. Young and sweet range of wines.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Provence, France
Mediterranean Rose 2011
(Varietal blends)
MWF Price RM65 (RP: RM80)

Cotes De Provence Rose 2011
(Grenache, Cinsault, Tibouren)
MWF Price RM80 (RP: RM100)

Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
MWF Price RM70 (RP: RM85)

From the estate of Provence, south eastern France, my personal favorite is the Coates de Provence Rose (white label). Has a lovely aroma n caramel flavour.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Mas Neuf
Rhone Valley, France
Rhone Paradox White 2011
(Grenache Blanc and Roussanne)
MWF Price RM75 (RP: RM95)

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2010
(Sauvignon, Semillon, Muscadelle)
MWF Price RM95 (RP: RM115)

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Maison Aix
Provence, France
AIX Rose 2011
MWF Price: RM115 (750ml) (RP: RM145)
RM210 (1.5L) (RP: RM260)
RM435 (3L) (RP: RM545)

One of the nicest Rose tasted last night has to be this AIX (pronounced as X). An award winning wine & most prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Seouve. Love it!

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Before we continue to the next cabin, we went to grab some food.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

There were so many Spanish wines on this table and I tasted 3 reds only. There were gooooood! At this point, I was feeling slightly tipsy and don’t ask me what I had. I don’t remember except that I made notes in the little Wine Fiesta booklet. The wines from C.V.N.E Rioja, Spain were good. That’s all I could recall. :lol:

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Raventos i Blanc
Catalunya, Spain
Cava Reserva Brut 2009
MWF Price RM175 (RP: RM215)

Cava De Nit 2009
MWF Price RM185 (RP: RM230)

Cava Gran Reserva De La Finca 2007
MWF Price RM215 (RP: RM265)

So, unless I took pichas of the wine bottles I’ve tasted, otherwise, I won’t remember what I had (if I didn’t even make a note in the booklet) T________T

The Cava range were pretty neat too.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

There were live band along the Bangkung Row. Well, they move from one restaurant to another. So to keep the atmosphere lively and melodic.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

We didn’t visit all the cabins, but we re-visited the French cabin again *cheeky* Now, for the bubbles.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Deutz’ Champagne
Brut Classic NV
MWF Price RM300 (RP: RM375)

Brut Vintage 2006
MWF Price RM630 (RP: RM785)

Love this the most among all three.

Rose NV
MWF Price RM345 (RP: RM430)

From Ay region of Champagne, the house was founded in 1838 and run by successive generations of Deutz and Geldemann families. Having such a long history, needless to say, their Champagne productions are of good range and just look at the price! *gawk*

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

Leopold Gourmel
Cognac, France
Leopold Gourmel Cognac Bio Attitude
MWF Price RM290 (RP: RM360)

There’s actually a place in France called Cognac! Ended the wine trail with a shot of French Cognac. The Cognac was really strong. Has a fruity and nutty aroma, tastewise, it has a mild vanilla and citrus flavours. The after taste is like a hint of oak and floral.

Malaysia Wine Fiesta

This French guy is uber friendly and cheeky. Very entertaining and informative too. Needless to say, he’s very popular among the women. *wink*

I left the fiesta before the clock hits 9 pm! That’s superbly early! Well, we started off very early as well, 6ish? After tasting over 30 wines, it’s time to go home. Couldn’t imagine if I were to taste each and every one. I guess by end of the night, I’ll be waving goodbye while crawling on the floor. Heh..

Thank you, Cheng Yi for the invitation! I had a great time and it was a great experience to meet winemakers and tasting wine from all over the world in one night!

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