Looking forward to 2013

Time flies…

I could still remember counting down for the New Year of 2012, and soon in less than 3 days, we will be counting down for the New Year of 2013.

Dine with Annna

Heh.. I know this is such a random post and also a too early pre-new year eve post but what the heck, just in case I don’t have time to pen this down here. Anyway, I’m snaking at work at the moment. So shadap.

<inserts emo song>

Year 2012 has been a wonderful journey. Although there were lots of ups and downs, I’m thankful and grateful to God that all those down moments were not so tragic that I could still move on to a better UPs. Amen.

It is a beautiful year and I wish for the best in 2013!

Not going to write a long list of resolutions for 2013 but a short, simple, realistic and achievable one. (Of course for my eyes and heart only)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and have a great 365 days adventure in 2013!!




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