“Loh” Duck Rice @ Kam Heong (甘香茶餐室), PJ State

I love duck meat. Especially roasted duck. I love the crispy skin and the succulent meat. I love how duck taste and smell. When I was told about a well known and yummy “loh” duck rice in PJ State, I immediately added the location into my list and brought my duck fan with me. Truth to be told, I visited the place a year ago and only posted about it today, because I’m craving for some duck at the moment and stumbled upon this untouched album which was pending for posting. Hehehe..

Kam Heong (甘香茶餐室) is no stranger to the locals and need no introduction. It is located beside UOB and has been operating for decades already. Unlike your usual duck rice regime, Kam Heong serves LOH duck which is Teochew braised duck.

The Menu.

There’s no menu. Really. So, you just order what you see there. Since my Cantonese is literally broken and unlistenable, I just point on the things I wanted. I like this menu. Hahaha..


Best of all, everything came out just what I wanted. Awesomeness. I got my plate of loh duck, salted veggie and congee. Well, rice and congee weren’t really out there in display. At least I know how to order congee. Heh..

The braised duck were so succulent and the flavours were just perfect! I love it! I’m craving for it now now now!

My other favourite is their salted veggie which they braised it in a way, I think. It’s so soft and tasted balance with tangy end. It’s a salty and sour affair on a plate.

My perfect type of comfort food. Hot bowl of congee to go with my favourite meat.

Why didn’t I discover this place earlier when I was still staying in PJ area? At least I can drop by the place anytime during weekdays. Sigh.. Time to take a drive down to PJ just for this yummy dish! I’m craving for some quaky duck right now.

Kam Heong Loh Duck Rice 甘香茶餐室
No.8 Jalan Tengah
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6012 383 5567

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