Kompassion Thai Fusion Food @ Damansara Kim

This is one long overdue post.

In the same month of the opening of KomPassion Thai Fusion Food, we went to check it out. It is located in Damansara Kim (Jalan SS 20/11).

During our visit there, we bumped into the owners and after a short chat with them, we learnt that KomPassion is set up in collaboration with Chef Nikom Uatthong. And also, the name KomPassion came from Chef NiKOM‘s name and his PASSION for food. When asked if KomPassion is the sister restaurant with another well known Thai restaurant, we were informed that they were not related except for Chef Nikom Uatthong who used to be the consultant for that restaurant.

This is a supremely NON-HALAL Thai restaurant. Seldom come across a Thai restaurant which serves pork, mostly are Pork-Free. KomPassion is just the place to dine especially for those who are like the bunch of us – Porkie, Thai food and HOT & SPICY lovers!

I like the interior look of KomPassion. Very rustic yet classy and spacious. This type of interior design seems to be trend these days, as I’ve seen quite a number of new coffee joints with such concept.

With the Go Green concept, even their menu are printed on brown recycled paper. Very chio like that. lol..

Menu under the fork and spoon. So nice the design, right?

For drinks, we each had the Japanese Green Tea with Lemon Grass (RM3.50) which comes free flow. It was a good option as we were about to feast on a wide spread of Thai food, Thai Fusion food. Who knows how spicy this feast would get ;)

Kompassion Chicken Wings @ RM17.90

For starters, we shared a platter, or should I say a bowl of delicious Kompassion Chicken Wings which is served with Thai chili dip. Just love it! Perfectly marinated and cooked. Tender and juicy chicken flesh and fragrant at the same time. Slurps!

Double Cooked Pork Belly and Soft Shell Crabs with Cucumber Salad @ RM65

We also had Double Cooked Pork Belly and Soft Shell Crabs with Cucumber Salad which is suitable for sharing. Oh, I love this platter very much! Crispy porky pork served with soft shell crabs are like so yummy and the cucumber salad is simply refreshing!

Porkie Porkie Porkie

Yummy soft shell crab

Tom Yum Fish @ RM45

This is one of the highlight for our dinner, Tom Yum Fish. Despite the plain clear looking soup, don’t be deceived by it. We ordered Level 2 spiciness and I swear I had Angelina Jolie’s lip for a night! It was so spicy kicking good and flavourful. *all thumbs and toes up*

Green Curry Crispy Pork @ RM35

Paneang Curry Pork Loin @ RM35

We had 2 types of pork curry, Green Curry Crispy Pork and Paneang Curry Pork Loin. Both we equally rich, creamy, aromatic and porkilicious. Only complain was that the portion were too small :(

Posting this picha of the Paneang Curry Pork Loin with a spoon just to show how big the portion was T____T Delicious stuffs are always not enough to share one. XD

Stir Fried Kai Lan @ RM15

Here we have a simple Stir Fried Kai Lan just to keep our meal balance :P

KomPassion Pork Leg Rice @ RM25.90

We also ordered rice dishes just to diverse from the ala carte dishes. The first one was the KomPassion Pork Leg Rice which was just alright. The pork leg was done well and served with Som Tam (papaya salad), special homemade sauce and their spicy green chili. On another note, KomPassion serves multigrain brown rice. So healthy one ok.

Tom Yum Fried Rice with Grilled Seafood @ RM18.90

The Tom Yum Fried Rice with Grilled Seafood garnered more favouritism than the Pork Leg Rice. Not only is it delicious and packed with fresh seafood, but also value for money!

The tom yum mutigrain brown fried rice is served with grilled salmon, squid, prawn, crabsticks, pickles and green chili. A wholesome meal on its own.

Tako @ RM10

The menu for dessert is so simple. Just a word dessert and priced at RM10. We checked on what they have for dessert and lucky us for asking early as they were selling out of Tako. So fast! We swept the last set of Tako (3 cups) and we almost missed out on it. Phew!

Enjoyed this sweet and aromatic Thai pudding with coconut topping.

Ice Cream with Jackfruit and Red Ruby @ RM10

Another dessert available that night was the Ice Cream with Jackfruit and Red Ruby. A fusionised version of Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubies) where Chef Nikom uses coconut ice cream instead of ice shave and coconut milk.

Complimentary Cheesecake

Since its opening, KomPassion has been packed most of the time. Hence, to avoid disappointment, best to make reservation in advance!

No.5, Jalan SS 20/11,
Damansara Utama,
46350, Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +603 7731 9256

Business Hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm to 2:30pm, 6pm to 10:30pm
Closed on Mondays

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