Kirin Ichiban’s Glamping Night 2014 @ White Box, Publika

When I first received the invitation to attend Malaysia’s first Glamping Night 2014 by Kirin Ichiban, I was like what in the world is Glamping? I looked up the meaning of Glamping and felt embarassed for being ignorant the first time #supershy

Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Picha taken by Tim Chew

“Glamping is a hybrid of the conventional camping experience with a Japanese twist”.

Kirin Ichiban Glamping (3)
with Dennis, Evelyn and Daphne all glamped up!

Thanks to Kirin Ichiban, I learned the true meaning of Glamping and I get to experience it myself. It was one-of-a-kind experience that combined the best of camping with glam and Japan. From the beginning till the end, everything was Japanese-inspired.

Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 1

We were to bring our very own origami tent which was included in the invitation card to entitle for an entry to Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night and also in exchange for a card to collect 4 stickers to entitle for the lucky draw. The prize was a trip to Japan! #determinedtowin 01 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014

The first sticker was collected at the entrance. We were each given a lantern to decorate which were later used to decorate the ambiance.

Kirin Ichiban Glamping
Lantern and painting tools
Kirin Ichiban Glamping (1)
Beautiful Nanny with lantern
Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 12
Me diligently working on my lantern
Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 4
my masterpiece

Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 6Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 8


Glampers’ lanterns enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 7Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 9
Tents were spread across the White Box, where Glampers had to experience all Japanese-themed activities to complete their ‘checklist’. Activities included Kendama (traditional Japanese game), arts and crafts, which included DIY silkscreen art and a DIY box seat, and delectable Japanese bento boxes. What an experience!

26 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Deborah Henry, the Glamp leader for the evening
45 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
The fine art of Kabuki with a modern twist
36 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Lights performance with Contemporary Japanese beats
48 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
These ladies got the Glampers’ grooves on with some Japanese hits
27 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Us, Glampers engaging with the performances with Kirin Ichiban shakers and musical clappers!

A fun-filled night of Japanese-inspired performances and activities. A memorable night and we all had lots of fun! Glampers were required to complete every checkpoint to be.

02 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
03 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014 Kendema Station

Glampers required to do some Kendema tricks to entitle a sticker. It was tough at first, but later it got pretty addictive. I learned a few tricks and almost got brainwashed to be a Kendema player. LOL

06 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Ink Station

05 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 10

At this station, we get to ink our very own Kirin Ichiban bag. It was fun and hilarious at the same time. Watch the video below.

08 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Food Station

The last checkpoint was the food station. Glampers were required to eat and returning the bento tray to entitle the last sticker.
Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 11
Kirin Ichiban Glamping (5)

Upon completion of all activities, Glampers stood a chance to win the ‘prize of a lifetime’ by submitting their completed checklist and each Glampers receive a crate of 4 cans of Kirin Ichiban upon submission of our completed checklist.

66 Kirin Ichiban Glamping Night 2014
Congratulations to Clione Sia, winner of a 5-day-3-night Trip to Japan

The ‘prize of a lifetime’ is a 5-day-3-night trip to Japan which includes an exclusive tour of Kirin Brewery and an experience at the annual Chichibu festival. The lucky winner of the night was Clione Sia.

As Kirin Ichiban aims to bring the best of Japan’s experiences to consumers, anyone can now stand a chance to win a trip to Japan, as well as an exclusive tour of the Kirin Brewery and annual Chichibu festival! From now till mid-November 2014, purchase any Kirin Ichiban from on-trade establishments and off-trade stores (supermarkets and convenience stores), receive a scratch card and stand a chance to win a prize of a lifetime!

To stand a chance to attend Glamping Night 2014, purchase Kirin Ichiban at any participating outlets in Klang Valley, receive a Glamping scratch card and register online. For more information, visit

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