Kee’s Creampuffs @ Subang Jaya

Many years back, I got to know about Kee’s Creampuffs from one of the online deals website as they were running the promotion online. Back then, Kee’s Creampuffs started off as a homebake Creampuffs and selling online, I haven’t had the chance to taste the delectable Creampuffs as my location was out of the delivery zone. Not until recently, I had a chance to finally have a taste of the delicious creampuffs when we drop by to have a visit at the shop located in USJ, more precisely in Taipan 2.

The outlet is not difficult to spot as it has a bright yellow signage in front. Parking is not an issue as there are ample of parking in the area, or park in the basement parking just opposite the outlet.

From an online business to an outlet, you can now enjoy your favourite Creampuffs fresh from the kitchen and sip your favourite tea or coffee. The outlet could seat approximately 20 persons in one seating, comfortably.

As this is a family-based business, I get this homey feeling during our visit here. They have homemade crafts on each table.

Creampuffs and cakes for display

To date, Kee’s Creampuffs has a total of 16 flavours of cream puffs(Classic – Original, Premium –  Blueberry, Choc Banana, Choc Top, Chocolate, Cookies n’ Cream, Coffee, Green Tea, Hazelnut, Jagung, Lemon, Mocha, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Durian).

Classic @ RM1.50 each

The Classic Creampuff is a must have! The original creampuffs of custard cream stuffed in a soft and fluffy bite sized pastry. Just perfect with a cup of tea. Alone, I could stuffed half a dozen of this! Go a little adventurous, we had various flavoured puffs like almost everything they have!


Banana Choc & Peanut Butter

Cookies n’ Cream & Lemon

Green Tea, Hazelnut and Coffee

Choc Top

We sampled almost everything and my favourites among them all in no particular order are Chocolate Banana, Lemon and Peanut Butter.

The Creampuffs are not only delicious, bite size and  cute, they are also priced reasonably and each bite is worth your every penny. Classic creampuff is priced at RM1.50 each, whereas the flavoured ones are RM1.80 each. For every purchase of 10 pieces and above, customers are entitled to a 10% discount. And the more you buy, the more you save. I saw the menu and was dumb founded at the pricing. Buy more, save more, eat more, and be happy more. :D

Durian Puff @ RM2.50 each

Among all the puffs they have here, Durian Puffs is the winner, for me. I love the cream filling which is made of real durian and you could even taste the durian texture in it. Although, the durian puff is priced more expensive than the premium puffs, the taste is nonetheless better as well.


om nom nom

While stuffing myself with the puffs, I learned that all ingredients including the flavourings of the creams are freshly made from scratch and no preservatives are added. The life span for creampuffs are 2 days if kept stored properly in the fridge. As for durian, it is best to be eaten within 2 hours.

Apart from Creampuffs, Kee’s Creampuffs also sell homebaked cakes which are also delicious. I still prefer the Creampuffs though.

Red Velvet
Lemon Cheese Cake

Latte @ RM7

A decent cuppa latte to go with cream puffs.

Chamomile Tea @ RM6

Another thing I like about Kee’s Creampuffs is the selection of tea they have here. Although limited choice of English Breakfast tea, Darjeling Earl Grey and Chamomile tea, these tea are simply one of the best. They are aromatic and flavourful. Worth your money like I said, can refill hot water over and over until the tea run out of taste. :D

Kee’s Creampuffs is a pretty decent place for an afternoon tea, enjoy your favourite cream puffs over a cuppa tea or coffee. Currently, they are having this promotion for tea time. Save more $$!

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 10am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Closed: Thursdays & Public Holidays (on notice)

Kee’s Creampuffs
30-G, Jalan USJ9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre,
47620 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6017 384 2813

Facebook: keescreampuffs

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