Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry) @ Restoran ZK, Kampung Attap KL

My ex-colleagues (including the managers) have been telling me about this Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry) at Restoran ZK, Kampung Attap whenever the topic Kari Kepala Ikan comes into conversation. We’ve been talking about it and I always get, “Mesti try, beb!” (must try, babe) and “Satu hari kita pergi laaa” (One day we go)… Talk talk talk but never go. LOL

Finally that “satu hari” (one day) came and it was on my last day in the company. Epic.

No table reservations were allowed, so two colleagues went off early on motorcycle to beat the traffic and booked our place while we took our time driving over. Heh..

Looking at the place, it reminded me of the Fish Head Curry at Lucky Garden. It’s the same concept and they sell the same dishes; fish head curry, deep fried chicken, sotong, bean sprouts, etc.. What differs between the two is that Restoran ZK has more side dishes (Mixed Green Chilly and Onion with Black Sauce & crackers), choice of fried sotong and sotong in gravy, more seats, hygiene issue (I had to close one eye to eat) and more kampung style.

This is where we ate. It looked like a kandang (cage). hahaha.. I joked saying that, “What?! My last day is to eat in a kandang?”.

Side dishes: Taugeh (Bean Sprout), Mixed Green Chilly and Onion with Black Sauce & crackers

I was hoping for some fried sotong as I prefer that over the sotong in gravy, but this sotong is not bad too. Just a bit too sweet for my liking. Why they like it sweet? I prefer it more spicy lehh..

Deep Fried Chicken

I like the fried chicken. Although fried to crisp, the flesh is still tender and goes so yummy with the fish head curry’s gravy.

Fish Head Curry @ RM60-80 per head

The highlight of our lunch is none other than the Fish Head Curry. When I was told that a head is approximately RM60-80, I almost choked. Although it seems expensive, the fish head was very fresh and it does justify the price for it, furthermore, we’re eating in KL city laa.. On my own, I almost finish a head. We had 2 fish heads for one table. It was an expensive lunch I must say.

Restoran ZK
No 76, Jalan Kampung Attap,
50460 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2273 9786

GPS Coordinates:  N3 08 15, E101 41 45

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